• Welcome to Oba sensei's page! I was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. I have been in USA for more than 15yrs and in Columbia for 7yrs. I've been teaching Japanese at CPS schools for 6years now. This is my second year at Battle. Teaching is my passion and love to hear my students' success stories like studying in Japan and got a job at Japanese company in US. My goal is to help you gaining solid language skills and prepare you for living in Japan someday and being successful in school and career. Also, I'm passionate about help you becoming open-minded, matured person and equipped for this global world! Communication is very important. Please send email me if you have any question or struggling in class. I teach here on A-day and B-day at Hickman. My email address is below. I'm looking forward to seeing you all and learning language and culture together! Let's make a good learning community together!    Email: JOba@cpsk12.org    Phone: 573-214-3300 
    We have NEW classroom website; "Edmode" where you can access to all the necessary handouts and homework assignments/ due dates, etc.  Please sign up and join your class. The code you need to know to join the class is below. 
    J1: gy4n78; J2 &3: q2i5rk;  4: ayn86d
    Also, you need to sign up for Quizlet. Then search my class by typing my user name, "obaj" in your class folder, you'll see each unit's vocabulary flash card. You can use this site to study the vocabulary. Go to "Quizlet.com" and sign in.