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    Welcome to Rock Bridge Art!   
    2020-2021 COURSES:
    Art 1: Foundations (Spring)
    Art 2: Studio Art (Fall & Spring)
    AP Studio Art II + Lab (Fall & Spring)
    Email: CStephenson@cpsk12.org
    School Phone: (573) 214-3100


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    Name: Ms. Carrie Stephenson

    Contact: Schoology message (preferred) or CStephenson@cpsk12.org

    Building: Rock Bridge High School

    Class Schedule:

    • 1st Block, Plan Period/PLT/Shared Planning
    • 2nd Block, Student Council Supervision
    • 3rd Block, AP Studio Art II + Lab
    • 4th Block, Art 2: Studio Art, Drawing & Painting

    Office Hours: If we are in the Hybrid or Virtual Modes of Instruction, Office Hours are Wednesdays 2:00-4:00pm and I will be monitoring my Schoology message inbox. Schoology message is the best and fastest way to get immediate help.

    Student Response Time:  Schoology message is the best and fastest way to reach me for ~immediate feedback. I will try to respond to you within 24 hours at the latest. As for grading, grades will be updated weekly, feedback turn around time, after submission, will vary depending on the assignment. While rubrics, feedback, and grades will be posted to your Schoology course, Home Access will provide you with the most accurate grade report.



    Welcome back Artists,

    I am so excited to have you back in the studio this year in whatever capacity we can manage. I have a feeling that we are going to be on a bit of a wild ride throughout this fall semester but it is my job to keep you guys creating, while also keeping you organized and making your virtual journey as clear and streamlined as possible. I can assure you that anything that you think you 'missed' last year, when our year was cut short, will be re-addressed and you'll be in great shape... no need for any anxiety at the start of our year. We've been working on this for you all summer and we will be in the middle of this together, even if our mode of instruction fluctuates unexpectedly. You are in good hands! 

    Sooo, now that we have gotten our Covid introduction out of the way... hey, what's up, hello,

    My name is Ms. Carrie Stephenson and this is my ninth year teaching art at Rock Bridge High School! I am super excited for the challenges that this year will bring and even more excited to get super creative and innovative with you guys as we work on ideas and artistic technique together.  This semester, I'll be working with a section of our Studio artists and also guiding our seniors in AP II on building their college-level portfolios. I am PUMPED!

    I mentioned earlier that this is my ninth year teaching but prior to being an employee, I was in your shoes as a Rock Bridge artist myself!  In fact, I am a K-12 Columbia Public Schools kid (Fairview, Smithton, West Jr., Rock Bridge.)  After graduating RB, I moved right down the road and went to college at Mizzou.  As a teenager, I was completely against staying in Columbia for college but I am so glad that I did.  At Mizzou, I joined several clubs, worked at the bookstore, was elected into a few campus-wide initiatives and was a part of greek life too.  Following my Bachelor of Science in Education degree, I stuck around and got my Masters of Education with an emphasis in Art Education.  I completely immersed myself in the university culture and it has made me fall in love with Columbia; I can't imagine moving away now.  Go tigers!

    I also have to pre-apologize to you all from the start because I've got a last name swap coming your way in January... I'm marrying my best friend, Will, who is also an RB grad, on New Year's Eve! Will and I have a spoiled-rotten golden retriever, named Merritt.  She is full of energy and keeps us laughing with her silly antics; patrolling the backyard and becoming best friends with anyone she meets. She was also just diagnosed with a neurological condition, so we're trying to get her used to using her Bailey Chair, where she has to sit upright to eat. I am sure that you will hear may stories about our adventures in dog parenting and house renovating.

    I am big Florida fan, in my opinion, it doesn't get much better than the beach! I also happen to make it a bit of a habit to visit the Disney Parks each year to vacation but also to run some races.  (My most favorite RunDisney race that I have run is the Tower of Terror 10-Miler, which doesn't exist anymore.) While I am not running in a RunDisney event yet this year, I am training for my 6th half-marathon this Fall, which is the Bear Creek half-marathon here in town. I have asthma and am definitely not a fast runner but I do make it to the finish line and that is just the best feeling!   

    As for some more random facts about me, my favorite animal is a manatee (again with the Florida reference, big fan.) My least favorite thing in the entire world is grocery shopping... seriously, I'd rather do anything else.  Similarly, I'm not a great cook, LOL! I bought a hammock during quarantine and that has proved to be one of my new favorite spots to read.  I enjoy thrillers and suspenseful mysteries, in both books and movies.  I am also an avid Dancing with the Stars fan too. 

    While this year is sure to be one for the books, I am excited to be in the middle of it with you all... and hoping that I'll find some time to create alongside of you all as well too!  "See" you in the classroom so soon! :)

    Ms. Stephenson


    Ms. Carrie Stephenson, M.Ed.

    Columbia Public Schools- Fine Arts

    Rock Bridge High School- Visual Arts Specialist


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