• Mrs. Jennifer Szydlowski

    Mrs. Szyd

    Hello!  My name is Jen Szydlowski. This is my 10th year teaching 8th grade science at JMS, and my 22nd year teaching over all. My husband, Mike, is the science coordinator for CPS – he’s the guy who came to your child’s 5th grade classroom and blew stuff up as part of the science show.  Students still talk about that show three years later. Mike and I have three daughters: Abby, who is a Senior at RBHS, Mandy, who is a Sophomore at RBHS, and Lexi who is a 7th grader here at JMS.

    We have two dogs named Snickers and MJ and a cat named Bella.  That’s in addition to the three snakes, fish, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches I usually have at school. 

    In my free time I love to read.  I also love to camp and hike. In June I usually organize & chaperone the CPS BackCountry trips in WY. This year my family went on a road trip and visited six national parks in Utah & Arizona. (We practiced social distancing and wore our masks whenever we were inside.)

    Period Class

    1st Period: (7:30 AM – 9:06 AM) 8th Grade Science 

    2nd Period: (9:10 AM – 10:46 AM) 8th Grade Science 

    3rd Period A: (10:50 AM – 11:15 AM) 7th Grade AVID (Part A)

    Lunch: (11:15 AM- 11:40 AM)

    3rd Period B: (11:40 AM - 12:05 PM) 7th Grade AVID (Part B)

    4th Period: (12:09 PM – 12:55 PM) 8th Grade AVID

    5th Period: (12:59 PM – 1:45 PM) Plan Time/Office Hours

    6th Period: (1:49 PM – 2:35 PM) Plan Time/Office Hours