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    Jefferson Cyclones

    Ms. Edmondson's 1st Semester Class Schedule:

    Morning Supervision-Every Other Week
                                  (in Cafeteria-Breakfast Supervision)

    7:30-8:16      Plan for Day/Clubs
    8:20-9:06      Theatrical Arts 8
    9:10-9:56      Theatrical Arts 7
    10:00-10:46   Theatrical Arts 8
    10:50-11:15   Theatrical Arts 7 (Part One)
    11:15-11:40   Lunch
    11:44-12:05   Theatrical Art 7  (Part Two)
    12:09-12:55   Theatrical Arts 6 (R1, R2)
    12:59-1:45     Theatrical Arts 6 (R1, R2)
    1:49-2:35       Answer Emails; Prep for Afternoon Clubs

    Clubs: JMS Drama Club and JMS SAGA
    *Meetings promoted through Schoology Groups memos
    JMS Morning Announcements that can be found
    on our JMS Website here most every morning
    (except for some live announcement mornings.)

     The BEST way to reach me is at this address:

       Email: SEdmondson@cpsk12.org