About me

  • This is my twenty-fourth year of teaching here at Gentry, and I  love my job. I began teaching math for the first four years of my career, but I’ve always loved reading and writing. Therefore, I jumped at the chance to teach language arts (specifically writing). I have taught language arts for the past eighteen years, and I learn something new each time I complete a unit.  I completed my undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from MU and finished my masters degree in Elementary School Counseling from Lincoln University. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, jazzercise, spinning classes, and all things fitness related.  I am married to my husband, Nate, who is a manager at Midway USA. My beautiful chocolate lab Daisy rounds out our family and eats many things that aren’t food. I've felt lucky through the years to work with such dedicated teachers and kids.



    Here are the disease links Disease Links CLICK HERE.

    For your students' convenience, I have added a link to grammarly for checking spelling and grammar. GRAMMARLY

     Ms. Carso Sample Bubonic Plague Slide show

                 Daisy and me