CPS Departments Directory

  • Assessment, Intervention, and Data
    Assessment, Intervention, and Data exists to assist, support, and guide data-based decision making for our schools and community by providing a path to Achievement, Enrichment, and Opportunity to all CPS students.
    The Columbia Public Schools Athletics department is proud to offer a strong athletics program, the purpose of which is to develop in young people an understanding of the positive impact an active lifestyle will have on their lives.
    Each of the three comprehensive high schools and six middle schools in Columbia Public Schools offers AVID.  AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a college-readiness system designed to assist students in meeting the challenges inherent in education and in attaining the dream of college.  AVID is designed to increase school-wide learning and performance for students.
    Business Services
    The Columbia Public Schools Business Services department is responsible for administration, direction, and coordination of all financial services of the school district involving financial planning, budgeting, treasury management, investments, purchasing, accounting, payroll, and employee benefits services.

    Center of Responsive Education
    Quest is a program offered by Columbia Public Schools for at-promise children with special needs. Quest is housed at the Center of Responsive Education (CORE).

    Community Relations
    The Columbia Public Schools Community Relations department serves to enhance the education of all Columbia students by developing and coordinating educational partnerships involving the entire Columbia Public Schools system and the Columbia community.
    CPS Online
    Columbia Public Schools offers students in grades 9-12 the opportunity to take one/more of their classes online. These online courses are designed for students who are self-motivated and can work independently. All instruction is delivered entirely online by Columbia Public Schools teachers certified in the content area. Courses follow the same semester calendar as face-to-face courses.
    Your school information source. Available on Mediacom 81, CenturyLink 97, Charter 985 and streaming live with videos on-demand on the CPS-TV Web site.
    The Custodial Services department's mission is to create a safe, clean, and healthy indoor environment for all students, teachers, staff, and visitors. This department provides warehouse and custodial services to all buildings in the district.
    Early Childhood Education
    Early Childhood Education (ECE) is a program designed to address the developmental learning needs of children ages 3-5. Certificated staff work closely with families and community resources to enhance the social/emotional, physical, learning, and communication development of young children.
    Early College Program
    Columbia Public Schools partnership with Moberly Area Community College offers an Early College Program for high school students. Participants can make substantial progress toward a bachelor's degree or complete an Associate's degree before high school graduation.
    English Language Learners
    The mission of the Columbia Public Schools English Language Learners (ELL) program is to provide effective and age-appropriate English language instruction (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), and to support English Language Learners to achieve in all content areas, grades K-12.
    The Equity Department aims to ensure that Columbia Public Schools is an educational and working environment unimpeded by bias or discrimination, where individuals of all backgrounds and experiences are welcomed, included, encouraged, and can succeed and flourish. 
    Facilities and Construction Services
    The Columbia Public Schools Facilities and Construction Services department provides many services related to the school district's buildings, including building and grounds maintenance, construction management, and engineering and energy management. 

    Fine Arts
    The Fine Arts department oversees the art, music, and theatre departments for students in grades K-12 in the Columbia Public School District. It is comprised of almost one hundred specialists who are dedicated to providing a comprehensive fine arts education for the development of the whole child.

    Gifted Education
    Columbia Public Schools' gifted programs operate under the guidelines for gifted programs established by the state of Missouri.

    Health Services
    The Columbia Public Schools Health Services department is made up of highly qualified Registered Professional Nurses providing case management, screenings, assistance to families in accessing care, immunization monitoring, health education, and direct nursing care including skilled nursing procedures, first aid, and medication administration.

    Human Resources
    The Columbia Public Schools Human Resources department is responsible for recruiting, interviewing, and hiring applicants for positions in the school district.

    Language Arts
    The Columbia Public Schools Language Arts department is dedicated to ensuring that its students are able to develop mastery of the English language and effectively apply critical literacy skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) in all academic, professional and personal areas of their lives.



    Library Media Programs
    The Columbia Public Schools Library Media Programs support teachers, principals, other administrators by providing high-quality resources and instructional support for information and technology literacy. 
    The Columbia Public Schools Mathematics department provides support for teachers, principals, other administrators and the community in providing the best possible mathematics education for all our students. 
    Nutrition Services
    Mission Statement: All students and staff of Columbia Public Schools will have access to fresh, flavorful, and nutritious meals daily while promoting local sustainability.

    Parents As Teachers
    Parents As Teachers is a home-school-community partnership that supports parents in their role as their child's first and most influential teachers.
    Physical Education and Health
    The Columbia Public Schools Physical Education department is proud to offer a strong curriculum for all students in kindergarten through twelfth grades.
    Practical Arts
    Practical arts courses in the Columbia Public Schools provide students with a strong curriculum in Business, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Technology Education. Opportunities to participate in these programs are offered to students in grades 6-12.

    Professional Development
    The purpose of professional development in Columbia Public Schools is building capacity for improved student performance. Columbia Public Schools has long recognized the complexity of teaching and learning and is committed to continuous improvement.
    Roseta Avenue Learning Center
    The Roseta Avenue Learning Center serves as an itinerant therapy location where families may bring their children in for therapy services such as speech or language therapy. Several itinerant therapists (speech-language therapists, occupational therapist and physical therapists) are housed at this location.
    School Counseling
    School Counseling is an integral part of the Columbia Public Schools' education program. It is developmental by design and includes sequential activities, K-12, organized and implemented by certified school counselors with the support of teachers, administrators, students, and parents.
    School Improvement
    The School Improvement office provides professional development support, information and resources to help schools accomplish the goals identified in their school improvement plans.

    The Columbia Public Schools Science department encourages students to explore all areas of science, develop an understanding of the natural world, use appropriate scientific processes, become scientifically literate, and participate intelligently in public discourse about matters of scientific and technological concern.
    Social Studies
    The Columbia Public Schools Social Studies department prepares each student to be a responsible citizen in his or her community, nation, and world.
    Special Services
    The Columbia Public Schools Special Services department provides staff, resources, and supports throughout the district depending on the needs of students in each building.
    The Student Services Department focuses on areas of students in transition, discipline and supporting opportunities for success.
    Technology Services
    The Columbia Public Schools Technology Services department works as partners with all areas of our school district as we strive to provide an excellent education for all students. 
    The Columbia Public Schools Transportation department's mission is to ensure safe, efficient and reliable transportation service for the children of our school district.

    World Languages
    Members of the Columbia Public Schools Foreign Language department believe that communication is the essence of being human and that foreign language study provides students with the communication skills to understand and connect with other cultures and communities.