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    1.  Chemistry Students:  Look at Home Access for you most up to date grade.  Your grade in Schoology is meaningless.
    2.  Physics Students (all levels):  Schoology and Home Access should have the same grade, but when they are different, Schoology is more correct.
    3.  If you have any questions about your grades, please let me know.
    4.  Students who are ABSENT should make sure they complete assignments in Schoology.  Only in special circumstances will you be exempt from an assignment.

    Battle Spartans

    Room H215
    A Day Schedule:
      1: Physics First Planning
      2: Physics 2
      3: Study Hall
      4: Chemistry
    B Day Schedule:
      1: Chemistry Planning
      2: Physics First
      3: Physics First
      4: Physics First 

       Email: jgastler@cpsk12.org (preferred)
       Phone: 573-214-3300

     Mrs. Gastler           
    The picture is me on the Zero-G plane running an experiment through a program called Reduced Gravity Educator Flight Week with NASA.  Click here to see a video of me spinning on the Zero-G plane.
    Please check out the page for your class.  You will find useful information about how the class is run.
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