• How do I reach an attendant if I reach someone's Voicemail?
    Hitting 0 while listening to a Voicemail greeting will send you out of that Voicemail message and to an attendant in that department.  
    How do I listen to my Voicemail?
    Dial extension 25555, press the # (pound) key and enter your voicemail extension.  Note - Voicemail is only available for 14 days.
    How do I listen to my Voicemail from outside the district?
    Dial 573-214-3020 and follow the prompts.
    What happens to the automatic call forwarding we have in place now? 
    All users will have one forwarding rule (sending missed calls to voice mail) and any additional rules will need to be set up by the user.  
    Will my long distance code change?
    To obtain a long distance code, your supervisor will need to request one for you.
    How do I call long distance?
    Dial 8 to get an outside line, then 1 and the phone number. You will be prompted to enter your access code, enter your 5 digit CPS staff ID and press #.
    Ex. 8 1 987 234 5634 12345# 
    How do I fax long distance?
    Dial 8 to get an outside line, then 1 and the phone number. Press pause (on the fax display), then enter your 5 digit CPS staff ID, press # and hit send/start.
    Ex. 8 1 987 234 5634 Pause Pause 12345# 
    Who needs to record a new voice mail greeting?
    When will new teachers get voicemail and be able to access the ShoreTel client?
    This process will not change; new teachers will be assigned extensions and receive voicemail once the building has requested it. A shortcut has been installed on your desktop for convenient access to the web version.
    Will I be able to receive my voice mail messages via email ?
    You are able to receive your voice mail through email and will need ShoreTel Communicator to configure it.
    How do I get the Mitel Connect Client?
    The Mitel Connect Client is available in Software Center.
    Our office needs to change some extensions around.  What should we do?
    Please continue to submit extension change forms for extension changes.  We will work to apply them as soon as possible.
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