Ms. Heidi Barnhouse | EEE 

    Fine Arts
    Mr. Patrick Ordway | Orchestra 
    Ms. Michelle Garcia | Art 
    Ms. Jennifer Moorman | Vocal Music 
    Mr. Adam Matejek | Instrumental Music 
    Ms. Sandy Welty | Speech/Drama 
    Ms. Julie Swope |Instrumental Music   
    Guidance | Website
    Ms. Cara Crumley| Outreach Counselor 
    Ms. Debbie Poese | Counselor 
    Ms. Kecia Reddick | Registrar 
    Ms. Amanda Taylor | Counselor 
    Health Office | Website
    Ms. Lisa Griggs | School Nurse 
    Home School Communicator | Website
    Mr. Aubrey Coleman | Home School Communicator 
    Media Center | 
    Ms. Maggie Bunten | Media Specialist  
    Ms. Sarah Henley | Media Clerk  
    Ms. Amanda Creason | Building Technician 
    Physical Education
    Mr. Mike Cranford | Boys PE 
    Ms. Brenda Parisi | Girls PE 
    Practical Arts
    Ms. Jennifer Curtner | Business 
    Ms. Hilary Myers | Family and Consumer Science (FACS) 
    Mr. Taylor Adams| Industrial Technology 
    Reading Specialist
    Ms. Margaret Frey
    Special Education
    Ms. Iva Gould | Department Chair 
    Ms. Allison Duncan | Learning Specialist 
    Ms. Loren Howard | Learning Specialist  
    Mr. Charles French | Learning Specialist 
    Mr. John (Dan) Kelley | Learning Specialist
    Mr. Bruce Miller | Learning Specialist 
    Ms. Christine Danze | Adaptive PE 
    Ms. Molly Pearson | School Psychologist                                                                                         
    Ms. Hilary Trammell | Learning Specialist 
    Ms. Emily Marschall | Speech Language Pathologist
    Mr. Scott Wallace | Learning Specialist 
    World Languages
    Sr. Eloy Montenegro | Spanish 
    Dr. Victoria Pine | French 
    Ms. Katie Tesoro | French 
    Support Staff
    Administrative Professionals
    Ms. Cathy Ellingsworth | Secretary to the Principal
    Ms. Denise Shaw | Attendance Secretary 
    Ms. Dawn Moesel | ECA Secretary 
    Ms. Kecia Reddick | Registrar 
    Ms. Christine Winkler | Health Secretary
    Mr. Walter Robinson | Lead Custodian
    Food Service
    Ms. Dena Castilow |  Food Services Director
    Instructional Aides
    Ms. Sharon Young 
    Ms. Michelle Shepard
    Mr. Aaron Calderwood 
    Ms. Pat Wilson