• Social Studies

    Ms. Sondra Smith | 6th Grade
    Ms. Jacquie Ward | 7th Grade
    Ms. Michelle Gadbois | 7th Grade
    Ms. Irica Dunkley | 8th Grade
    Mr. Zach Hutchinson | 8th Grade


    Mr. Brian York | 6th Grade
    Mr. Chase Beamer | 6th Grade 
    Ms. Kirsten Nenaber | 7th Grade
    Ms. Megan Voshage | 8th Grade
    Ms. Amy Weinsting | 8th Grade


    Mr. Joseph Barnett | 6th Grade 
    Ms. Nicki Carter | 6th Grade
    Ms. Melody Murray | 7th Grade
    Ms. Janet Moreland | 7th Grade
    Mr. Robert Cunningham | 8th Grade

    Language Arts

    Ms. Victoria MacGregor | 6th Grade 
    Ms. Hilary Trammell | 6th Grade
    Ms. Leslye McCarty | 7th Grade
    Ms. Aitriona Peterson-Ramey | 7th Grade
    Ms. Michelle Jones | 8th Grade
    Mr. Zach Hutchinson | 8th Grade

    Ms. Vanessa Kline | EEE 

    Fine Arts
    Mr. Patrick Ordway | Orchestra 
    Mr. Kyle Donnelly | Instrumental Music 
    Ms. Julie Swope | Instrumental Music  
    Ms. Hannah Aubry | Choir
    Ms. Kristen Bailey | Drama/Theater
    Mr. George Szabo | Art
    | Outreach Counselor 
    Ms. Debbie Poese | Counselor 
    Ms. Joel Harris | Counselor
    Ms. Lindsey Wulff | Registrar
    Ms. Lisa Griggs | School Nurse 
    Ms. Angela Gentry | Health Secretary

    Home School Communicator | Website
    Mr. Aubrey Coleman | Home School Communicator 
    Media Center | 
    Ms. Tess Tuschhoff | Media Specialist  
    Ms. Amanda Creason | Building Technician 
    Ms. Jessica Stotler | Media Clerk
    Physical Education
    Mr. Blair Scanlon | Boys PE 
    Ms. Sarah Paetzold | Girls PE
    Practical Arts
    Ms. Jennifer Curtner | Business 
    Ms. Hilary Myers | Family and Consumer Science (FACS) 
    Mr. Harry Blumberg | Industrial Technology 
    Reading Specialist
    Ms. Margaret Frey
    Special Education
    Ms. Virginia Henning | Department Chair 
    Ms. Angela Cowans | Educational Diagnostician
    Ms. Jessica Turner | Learning Specialist 
    Mr. Charles French | Learning Specialist 
    Mr. Brain Davis | Learning Specialist
    Ms. Connie Trabue | Learning Specialist
    Mr. Bruce Miller | Learning Specialist 
    Ms. Ty Harrison | Adaptive PE 
    Ms. Lauren Guillory | School Psychologist                                                                                         
    Ms. Emily Marschall | Speech Language Pathologist
    World Languages
    Sr. Eloy Montenegro | Spanish 
    Ms. Katie Tesoro | French 
    Support Staff
    Administrative Professionals
    Ms.Shamee Perkins| Secretary to the Principal
    Ms. Megan Schmidt| Attendance Secretary 
    Ms. LaDeisha West | ECA Secretary 
    Ms. Renee Sager | Custodial Supervisor
    Mr. Jahmon Smith | Day Custodian
    Ms. Kim Robinson | Night Custodian
    Food Service
    Mr. Craig Cyr | Kitchen Manager
    Cat Johnson | Kitchen Staff
    Rebecca Riffle | Kitchen Staff
    Christine Gibbons |Cafeteria Supervisor
    Instructional Aides
    Ms. Sharon Young 
    Kaye Gray-Manolov