• Columbia Public Schools

    Health Services


    The mission and goal of the Columbia Public Schools Health Services Program is to promote optimal health for all students, allowing them to take advantage of their educational opportunities. Registered professional nurses have a unique role in collaborating with students, families, members of the school staff and the community striving to help students achieve academically and socially. Your school nurse promotes health and wellness for all students.



    FREE STUDENT FLU SHOT CLINIC will be conducted by the Department of Health at West Middle School this year regardless of in-person or virtual classrooms.


    Dates and times will be determined soon.


    Please complete a Flu Consent Form for EACH STUDENT.  This can be completed online, faxed or turned in by student to the School Nurse.



    Please contact the School Nurse, Lisa Griggs, RN, with any questions: 

    Phone:  214-3230 

    Fax:  214-3231  

    E-mail:  lgriggs@cpsk12.org