• Welcome to the Employee Benefits website! The Employee Benefits offices are located in the Business Services department in the Aslin Administration Building at 1818 W. Worley, Columbia, MO 65203.   

    Quick note regarding Vaccines:

    Members may go to any network pharmacy that is administering vaccines. Members will pay a $0.00 copay for ACA approved vaccines and the plan will pay the administration fee (no more than $25). There is a listing (found here) of preferred pharmacies. Or, check here to do a search of other local pharmacies to see if your pharmacy is in the network.

    If you have questions regarding this process, members should contact MedTrak at 1-800-771-4648.



    The information on this website outlines the Columbia Public School District’s benefit plans. Detailed information on various plans can be found in the summary plan description for each benefit plan. 

    For a quick glance at your benefits, see the Benefits Guide.


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