• STUDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS:      Tuesday, November 12, 2019        ‘B’ Day     Bulletin #60

    1. Please get out your iPads. You must have both pieces of your iPad and it must be charged to at least 60%.

    2. Our Fall Book Fair is here! Stop by the Media Center to see all of the Scholastic books. We are open from 7 – 3 pm today.  

    3. Good News!! Students are now allowed to update iPad software to iOS 13.2. PLEASE DO this at home. If you are unable to do this at home, please leave it overnight in the Media Center and we will update it.  We hope that updating will help with some of the charging issues we have been seeing.

    4. Our first student winners of Book Fair Prizes are Amiable Mugisha, Kimora Williams, Sekiah Wisley and Bennett Brookson. Our first winning teacher is Mrs. Sherry Schaefer. Come by the book Fair to claim your prizes! More winners will be announced tomorrow

    5. Art Studio has been cancelled for today.

    6. There will be no activity bus on Wednesday and Thursday this week. We have parent teacher conferences from 3:00-6:30. Other than basketball, there will not be any after school clubs or activities meeting after school. All students will need to be off of school property by 2:50 unless they are here for basketball, or with a parent or guardian.

    7. Students: Today we will have our Winter Pep Assembly in the gym during 1st hour. Please follow the directions below

    • Students should leave their books and belongings in their 1st hour classroom.  You will return to this classroom at 8:15 and wait for the bell to ring before being dismissed to second hour.
    • Walk into the gym with your class quickly, quietly, and orderly.  Sit with your respective classes (your teacher has a map). No spare seating will be available.  Please fill in the bleachers from the top to the bottom and sit closely together
    • When the person presiding over the assembly asks for your attention, you should become quiet immediately.
    • When the Pledge of Allegiance is given, you should stand quietly and state the Pledge.  We expect students to respect our flag and the Pledge.
    • Once the Pledge is completed, please sit down quietly and the assembly will proceed.
    • Be an attentive, respectful, and cooperative audience member.  Students should not stomp in the bleachers.
    • If you are able to meet these expectations, more assemblies will be held in the future.


    Activities this week: 


    The Book Fair is open from 7-3

    2:45-4:00 Art Studio Room 154

    5:30 7GBK & 7BBK (A only) @ SPAP


    The Book Fair is open from 7-6:30pm

    No Clubs meet after school today due to Parent Teacher Conferences

    6:00 7GBKvs JMS | 7BBK @ JMS


    Book Club Lunches in the Media Center during all lunch shifts

    The Book Fair is open from 7-6:30pm

    No Clubs meet after school today due to Parent Teacher Conferences

    6:00-8:00 ColorGuard @ BHS


    School is not in session due to parent teacher conferences on Thursday & Friday

    *If you are riding the activity bus today, please get out your iPad right now and sign up.

    Menu this Week: 

    Monday-Chicken Patty

    Tuesday-Chicken Tenders

    Wednesday-Wild Mike’s Cheese Sticks

    Thursday-Chicken Wings