STUDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS:      Thursday, September 19, 2019        ‘A’ Day     Bulletin #25

    1. This morning in Advisory, you will be receiving your first IPR of the school year. Please be sure to share with your parents when you get home.  They will be getting a Parent Link message that grades will be coming home today.

    2. We have had complaints from teachers about students selling candy bars during class. Students may sell fundraising items, including candy bars, before and after school only.

    3. Do you know where your school issued iPad is at? Please check right now. You should always know where your iPad is at. We have had a huge problem with students misplacing iPads this school year. There will be a special advisory lesson addressing this topic soon but until then please keep your school issued iPad with you to each class. Thank you!

    4. Do you want to learn how to wave sticks around and make stuff appear?  If so, come join the Oakland Knitting Club.  We will have our first meeting tomorrow in the Media Center during Eagle Hour.  See Madame Des Camps or Ms. Schuster if you have questions.

    5. Oakland Middle School Spectator Expectations

    • Admission is $2 for students K-8. Adult admission, including high school students, is $3.00. Activity Passes can be used at the door.
    • Students should arrange to be picked up two hours after the game or match begins. Transportation arrangements should be made before the game. Telephones will not be available. All students may be picked up in the stadium parking lot.
    • Students should remain seated during the game.  If you are at a football or volleyball game, you are there to support our athletes and your school.  There is no reason for you to be on the football field or on the volleyball court unless you are a member of that team. Trips to the restroom and/or concessions should be made before the game or during halftime or between matches.
    • Follow directions from adult supervisors.
    • Appropriate school spirit is expected of all OMS students and their family members.  Appropriate language and cheering is expected from all who attend volleyball & football games.
    • Cheering should be done in a positive, supportive manner.
    • There should be no throwing of any objects.
    • Any disrespect or insubordination will be grounds for removal from the stands.
    • Students will not be allowed to re-enter the game once they have left.
    • If you have OSS or ISS you are not able to attend after school activities including athletic events.

    Don’t forget to sign up for the activity bus by 1:00 today if you plan to ride it!

    Activities this week


    Book Club Lunches during all lunch shifts in the Media Center

    2:35 - 3:45 Makerspace Club in the Media Center 

    2:45-4:00 Tutoring-Rm 171

    2:45-5:00 Industrial Tech Assistance in Room 175

    6:00-8:00pm ColorGuard-BHS

    6:00 FB vs. WMS @ BHS


    7:45-8:17 Knitting Club in the Media Center

    6:00pm 8th Grade Band performance with BHS @ BHS 


    8:00am 7GVB & 8GVB (A only) Conference Tourney @ HHS


    2:00-5:00pm ColorGuard BHS


    Thursday - BBQ Chicken Teriyaki

    Friday – Jumbo Drumstick