• STUDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS:    May 22, 2018             Bulletin #174           ‘B’ Day          


    1. If you left anything in your locker, you may pick up your items in the media center.


    1. Please check the lost and found table. Anything left on the table after tomorrow will be given to Good Will or donated to the clothes closet.


    1. Are you an 8th grader interested in playing soccer in high school next fall? There are plenty of summer opportunities to come out and give soccer a try. Summer workouts will take place most Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 4:30 at Battle. If you would like more information regarding Battle Soccer, please contact Coach Huck via e-mail at ahuck@cpsk12.org or Coach Grant to receive a summer schedule or to ask any questions.


    1. 8th Grade students going to Battle High who are interested in Cross Country should plan to attend a meeting for parents and students on June 2nd at 8:00 am at Albert Oakland Pool.  If you cannot attend, please contact Coach Crane at rcrane@cpsk12.org or 214-3300 ext. 38446.


    1. 8th Grade girls going to Battle High who are interested in golf should plan to attend a meeting Thursday, May 24th from 8:00-10:00am at Lake of the Woods Golf Club. Bring your golf clubs! Contact Coach Hamilton for more information – thman58@gmail.com.


    1. We still have yearbooks available for $20. Please see Mrs. Reddick in the office to purchase one. If you have ordered and paid for a yearbook, and did not pick it up, please pick it up in the main office.


    1. 8th graders – please remember that we do not discontinue the rules just because it is the end of the year. Take your hoods off. Take your earbuds out. Don’t wear sunglasses in the building. Don’t run in the hallway. Sit down at lunch. We do not want your first days at Battle High School to be served in ISS or as an out of school suspension because of bad choices you make these last few days of middle school.


    1. There will be no outside lunch passes today.


    1. There are no activities and no activity bus today. All students need to go straight home after school.


    1. If you are riding home on a different bus today, we will need permission from a parent or guardian and you will need a bus note to get on a different bus. YOU MUST HAVE THIS DONE BEFORE THE ASSEMBLY AT 11:24. We will not be able to write bus notes at the end of the day. Make sure you take care of this during your lunch.


    1. We have an assembly today at 11:24. Please take everything with you to the gym. You will be dismissed from the gym when the bell rings at 12:05.


    1st hour 7:30-7:38

    2nd hour 7:42-8:05

    3rd hour 8:09-8:32

    4th hour 8:36-8:59

    7th hour 9:03-9:26

    8th hour 9:30-9:53


    A Lunch 9:57-10:22                   5th hour 9:57-10:22                    5th hour 9:57-10:22

    5th hour 10:26-10:51                  B Lunch 10:26-10:51                  6th hour 10:26-12:05/split lunch

    6th hour 10:55-12:05                  6th hour 10:55-12:05                  C Lunch 10:55-11:20


    Assembly 11:24-12:05 (Shows as part of 6th hour)