• STUDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS:   Friday, May 20th, 2022                        Today is an A Day

    1. The Eagle Hall boys’ bathroom is now closed. The only boys’ restrooms that are open are the 130’s and the 140’s.

    2. Next Monday, May 23rd during Science class, you will be returning your school issued iPad, charging cord, and block. Please turn in the same charging cord and block that you were issued. If that was lost/stolen, you either need to bring in $10 per missing item OR you can purchase a block or cord. Please don’t bring us android or broken items. If you don’t turn in a charging cord and block, you will receive the district fine of $10 for each item you didn’t return and may not get your iPad back next year.

    3. At OMS, we all work together to keep our school looking nice. Please STOP writing on the walls, eating in the hall, dropping trash and not picking it up, and leaving a mess at your breakfast and lunch tables.

    4. 6th graders your field day is May 24th. As of last Monday, you could not have received more than 2 office referrals or been suspended in order to attend

    5. As it's getting warmer let’s not forget some of our dress code expectations.  We should not see your bottoms or underwear, please keep your pants pulled up. We should not see your butt cheeks some of our shorts are getting a little too short. Bellies, bare backs, and chest should not be exposed.Blankets and bare feet are not permitted. Please do not wear sunglasses in the building

    6. Students that are caught “Dunking” on other students in the hallways will be sent to recovery. This is your final warning

    7. AVID will be hosting a reception in the Cafeteria during RtI on Monday, May 23rd to welcome next year’s AVID students and say farewell to this year’s AVID leaders.  Students have received or will receive their invitation and passes in their RtI classes.

    8. Bullying is an ongoing and deliberate misuse of power in relationships through repeated verbal, physical and/or social behavior that intends to cause harm- it is not being excluded, making a joke about someone, being in an argument, isolated acts of harassment, aggressive behavior, intimidation, or meanness. Racism is unfair treatment of people of a particular race in a society especially to the benefit of people of another race. Racism is not: being asked to walk in the hall, put your cell phone away, not be disrespectful to peers and adults. 

    Bullying and racism exist we need to make sure we are properly reporting them.

    This Week’s Events


    2:45pm-4:15pm OMS Cheer Tryouts You must attend both days to be considered for the team

    This Week’s Lunch Menu


    Cowboy Burger