• STUDENT ANNOUNCEMENTS:      August 17, 2018                    Bulletin #4                  ‘B’ Day

    1. PE will be dressing out today.

    2. Please remember backpacks need to be in your lockers until 2:35 pm. DO NOT take regular backpacks to your 8th hour class.  Draw string backpacks are allowed in class, but regular backpacks are not. Also, please remember to place hats in lockers as we do not wear hats in the building during class time.

    3. Each student must know their student number for lunch. Please keep this number confidential so no other student gets access to your account. Students attempting to access other student accounts will be immediately reported to the office and can be charged with theft. You should go directly to your scheduled lunch shifts. Students should not hang around restrooms, hallways, etc., as they need to be punctual to lunch. Please use restrooms before lunch as we will not issue passes out of lunch. Neither coats nor backpacks are allowed in the cafeteria during lunch periods. As you enter the cafeteria for lunch you may leave your books on the blue shelves below the trophy cases.  If you keep your books with you, please place them under your chairs during lunch.  Be sure to keep your purses with you at all times. If you see someone sitting by themselves, or see someone looking for a seat, please smile at them and invite them to sit with you.  Thanks to everyone for being a cooperative and courteous.

    4. 7th graders – despite having assigned seats this week, your behavior at lunch has shown us that you still need the structure of a seating chart. You will continue to have assigned seating until your behavior improves. Until further notice, please continue to look for your 6th hour teacher name on your assigned table.

    5. With the exception of water bottles, food and drinks are not permitted in the hallways or classrooms. Students exiting the cafeteria with food or drinks will be asked to throw them away. Food and drinks from outside establishments are not permitted in the cafeteria during lunch time. If your parent wants to bring you lunch, from McDonalds or Taco Bell for example, you will need to eat outside or we will gladly try to find a place for you to eat in the office.

    6. Students must have a pass to visit the nurse or to use the phone. If you come to the office during passing time, you will be asked to go to your next class and get a pass from your teacher.

    7. At the end of each day, please place your chairs in stacks in the corner of rooms. The evening custodians will appreciate this consideration. Also, please clean up excessive trash, and check to see that you have not written on desks, etc.

    8. We walk on the right side of the hallway to avoid bumping into each other. Students need to be moving at all times in the hallway. Students will be asked to continue to go to class if they are standing/loitering in the hallway—“walk and talk”.  This also applies to the courtyard. It is considered a hallway – not a gathering spot.

    9. You will be receiving your school issued iPad next week. Please make sure you know your username and password before Tuesday of next week. If you need help knowing what your username and password is, please come to the Media Center to talk to Mrs. Bevel Smith

    10. Our Fall Reading Challenge will begin on Monday. If you are interested in being a part of this reading challenge, please see Mrs. Bevel Smith.

    11. According to Board Policy KKB, recording in school, classrooms included, is strictly prohibited in CPS.

    12. Would you like to be part of the group that makes the school yearbook and newspaper?  Turn your photos of friends into forever memories.  Applications are available in the main office or room 021.  Please turn your application into Mrs. Faulhaber (122) or Dr. Johnson by Friday August 24th.

    13. The activity bus starts on Monday, August 20th. It provides transportation Monday thru Thursday for students staying after school for school related activities. In order to ride the activity bus you must…

    • have a parent permission slip on file with the office
    • be eligible for regular bus service
    • be going to the address that is listed in eSchool as your home address
    • sign up for the activity bus EACH DAY that you want to ride it by 1:00 on your iPad complete EVERY
    • Be at the circle drive entrance by 3:55

     Students can sign up for the bus on their iPad beginning 7:00am on the day they want to ride it. Sign up will close at 1:00pm


    The menu today is Chicken Meatball Sub.