• About CPS Online

    Columbia Public Schools offers students the opportunity to take one/more of their classes online. These online courses are designed for students who are self-motivated and can work independently. 

    • Courses are available for grades K-12.
    • Grades 6-12 courses are asynchronous (i.e students work at their own pace)
    • All content is online.
    • All courses start in Schoology, which is where students will find general information about the course.  From there:
      • Some courses are taught right within Schoology.
      • Some courses are taught using Edgenuity.  Students can log into Edgenuity by going through the CPS Student Portal and looking for the Edgenuity icon.
    • Students can work on courses at school or offsite if the student has access to a personal computer and Internet access.
    • Online courses are aligned with the current school semester calendar.
    • Course Instructors are certified CPS instructors, most of whom teach the same content in an in-seat classroom.
    • Course content " parallels" the curriculum used in CPS classrooms.
    • Students remain in contact with their CPS counselor and regular CPS school building.
    • Our mascot is the Sea Lion....as in "Sea you on Lion!!" 

    Sea You On Lion!

    More Information About CPS Online

    CPS Online Frequently Asked Questions:  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hVxSXt-CEuXlQDhvFxhNREZC06nDJmGnKIbiNiBn5SI/edit?usp=share_link  

    Downloadable .pdf about CPS Online:  CPS Online Program Info


    Experiencing Issues With Edgenuity?

    Check the status of the Edgenuity site:  https://status.imaginelearning.com

  • Quality Matters

    CPS Online is a member of Quality Matters.  Quality Matters is the global organization leading quality assurance in online and innovative digital teaching and learning environments.

CPS Online is a Safe Space