Below is a listing and description of other clubs and service organizations available at Gentry Middle School:


A.                   Art Club – Do you have dreams of becoming the next Picasso or Renoir? Or do you just love doing art? The Art Club will offer students a chance to further explore their favorite media while creating projects designed and brainstormed by the club itself. Listen for further announcements or see Mrs. Fremont for this unique opportunity.


B.                   Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) – This group is a place where athletes (and non-athletes) can come to learn more about how to be a positive influence in their friend group, team, school and family.  They will be meeting every other Wednesday morning from 7-7:25 a.m.  Please contact Mr. Jeffries for additional details. 


C.                   Family Consumer & Career Leaders of America (FCCLA) If you are currently signed up for FACS and are committed to attend 5 out of the 7 meetings, come join our club. We will be exploring activities and enrichment projects beyond the classroom. Cost is $10 to go toward a snack at the meetings and a shirt. If interested, contact Mrs. Scanlon.



D.         7th and 8th grade Robotics Club  – If you are interested in building and programming robots, then the robotics club is for you.  We will use Lego NXT robotics kits to assemble and program robots to do different tasks.  Our first meeting is Tuesday October 4th from 2:35-3:55.  Due to limited amount of kits, this club will be capped at the first 16 students to sign up.  See Mr. Helmick to sign up or receive additional information.      7th & 8th Grade Robotics Club – If you are interested in building and prograing robots, then the robotics club is for you.  We will use Lego NXT robotics kits to assemble and program robots to do different tasks.  Our first meeting is Tuesday October 4th from 2:35-3:55.  Due to limited amoumt of kits, this club will be capped at the first 16 students to sign up.  See Mr. Helmick to sign up or receive additional information. 


E.                   7th & 8th Grade Ronald McDonald House Cart Club  - If you would be interested in helping to build an activity cart for the Ronald McDonald House and are willing to get a little dirty, then this is the group for you.  Please contact Mr. Helmick about signing up.   This club will begin September 12th and meet from 2:35-4:00.


F.                   Kiwanis Builders Club – Is an international organization that helps build character and develop leadership through service in middle school students.  The GMS Builders Club is ope to any 6th, 7th or 8th grader who wants to be involved in giving back to the school and community.  The group will meet on the third Tuesday of each month.  If interested, contact Mrs. Froidl for more details.


G.                  GMAC/MAC Scholars – Gentry Minority Academic Committee is a student led program focused on helping students identify their potential and encourage academic excellence.  MAC Scholars are students who have achieved a grade point average of 3.0 and are respectful of school policies and expectations.  Students within this group participate in different activities that provide support and encouragement for their success. Activities include developing leadership skills, tutoring, community service projects, economic and citizenship lessons, performances, celebrations and field trips. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Clayton.



H.                   Science Olympiad – Do you enjoy learning about science and building in industrial tech? Do you like performing experiments and do you wait with baited breath for your results? Are you interested in reading about/researching science topics? Then you should join Science Olympiad. This is a club for students who are willing and able to do extra work outside of school to prepare for their events. Please contact Mrs. Schnake for information.


I.                     Student Council – Are you a good decision maker? Would you like to have the chance to develop your leadership skills? Then maybe you should consider running for a representative role in Student Council. Members help with service projects around the school, plan school parties and social activities and create Spirit Days. Gentry STUCO is committed to improving the perception of the school and performance of the students. Members of Student Council must have passing grades, a good behavioral record, and a strong interest in providing service to Gentry Middle School. Please contact Mrs. Visalli if interested.

J.                Math Counts – Want to become a true Math Ninja? Explore the wonderful world of mathematics and logic through dynamic problem solving and deduction. A desire to explore and explain is a must...along with an ability to attack and defend ideas.  If interested contact Mr. King.


K.            World Culture Club – Are you interested in learning about different traditions, celebrations, food and/or crafts from different countries such as Mexico, France, Germany, China among others? Then this is the club for you. If interested please contact Mrs. Trotter or Mrs. Froidl.


L.             Games Club – Are you interested in playing board games such as Chess, Battleship, Mancala, Yahtzee, Scrabble, You Gotta Be Kidding!, Apples to Apples and more? Then this is the club for you.  It is a relaxing setting that focuses on providing a welcoming environment for all kids to interact and play games.  Positive interaction and the development of healthy social skills will be encouraged. If interested, pick up a permission form in the Guidance Office.


M.           Book 2 Movie Club – Do you like to see movies that are made from books? You might want to join the Book 2 Movie Club. We read the book an then go to the movies. All movies are viewed at Hollywood Theater. Upon our return, we discuss which we liked better, the book or the movie. Students are responsible for the cost of the movie tickets and any refreshments bought. If interested please contact Mrs. Christine Spurling or Mrs. Liz Hervey.


N.          6th Grade Student Book Club – Students throughout Gentry are constantly looking for quality books to read.  One way they learn about new books is through recommendations from peers.  The 6th Grade Book Club will allow student to read and present books in an artistic way to the benefit of their peers.  After reading books, club members will use a variety of multimedia presentations such as book trailers or bulletin boards to share their love of books with their peers.  This club should appeal to both students who like to read, write and enjoy being creative with technology.  If interested, please see Ms. Hummel or Mrs. Carso.



O.            6th Grade parent/Student Book Club – The purpose of the parent/student book club will be to encourage the reading of a common book amongst family members as well as providing an after school opportunity to discuss the books that we read.  Students and parents will be given a flyer with the titles of the books that will be read, and then we’ll meet to discuss the books from both the parent and student perspectives.  This club will meet three times during the school year.  If interested, contact Ms. Hummel or Mrs. Carso.

P.                   Spelling Bee – See Mrs. Froidl for details.

Q.                  Wellness Club – Are you interested in your health and improving the health of others? If so then the Wellness Club is for you. See Mr. Swartz for details.

R.                   Tennis Club – Would you like to brush up on your skills in the area of tennis? If so then join the Tennis Club. See Mr. Swartz for details.

S.                   After School Computer Club – Would you like the opportunity to meet with other classmates to plan and explore computer activities, improve computer and multimedia skills, decision-making skills, and become connected to school through the use of technology? If you are interested in this club, contact Mr. Stone for more details.


T.            6th/7th Band/Pep/Jazz Band   – If you play an instrument and want to be a part of one of these great clubs, please contact Mrs. Quest for details.

6th/7th Band/Pep/Jazz Band – If you play an instrument and want to be a part of one of these great clubs, please contact Mrs. Quest for details.

             U.                   Gentry Glee Singers – Do you enjoy singing and performing? Then Gentry Glee Singers is for you. If interested,
                                please contact Ms. Lenz for details.

V.                   Gentry Chess Club – This club is open to any Gentry students 6th-8th grade who want to learn more about chess or want to improve their chess playing techniques.  If interested contact Mrs. Froidl.

W.                 Gentry Ambassadors – Individuals within this group are student leaders who demonstrate good communication, citizenship and leadership skills. You would help new students learn about Gentry and offer extra support as students make their transition into a new school and new environment. Students may be invited to represent Gentry in many of our evening events. Students will gain leadership experience and have an opportunity to support and help others. If interested, please contact the Guidance Office for an application and additional information.

               X.           Gentry Archery Club – Students will participate in the NASP archery in the schools program.  Students will learn                         how to safely set up an archer range and maintain tournament bows while participating in the sport of archery target                         shooting.  Students can shoot for the enjoyment of the sport and/or compete in home/away tournaments while                         representing the Gentry Archery team.  This sport is an indoor activity and will build student confidence while improving                         student concentration and focus.  If you are interested, please contact Ms. Roberds.  An informational meeting well be                         held before school in Rm. 150 during the entire 3rd week of September from 7:10-7:25.

                Y.             Gentry Gaming Club – Do you like playing XBOX, Playstation games?  If so then this is the club for you.                           Club sponsor as well as additional information TBD.