Keyboarding Games

(Organized by Level)


keyboardzoo-400x209    Keyboard Zoo: Type the same letter several times in a row. Letters are presented in alphabetical order.
marcelino   Marcelino's Letters:  Type the letters as Marcelino throws them into the air.  Can you type each one before the paper hits the ground?
keyboardclimber-400x337   Keyboard Climber:  Type the letter on the next tree branch to make your monkey jump to it.  Don't miss or you'll have to start over!
 Keyboard Zoo 2   Keyboard Zoo 2:  Learn to use the shift key and basic punctuation.
cupstacking-400x264   Cup Stacking:  Press "ENTER" to start the game, then type the black letters on the cups to stack and unstack them.  How fast can you go?
10fastfingers   10fastfingers:  How fast do you type?  Take this test to find out!



dancemat   Dancemat Typing:  This program has lessons that teach you how to touch type.  It is from England.  If you don't know how to touch type, start with Level 1, Lesson 1 and follow the directions about how to place your fingers.
spidertyper-150x150   Spider Typer:  Type the letters on the lizards before they eat your spider!  Easy level has single letters on the lizards, Medium level has short words, and Hard has longer words.
typingrocket-400x300   Type Rocket:  Type the letters on the fireworks to make them explode.
alphamunchies-400x452   Alpha Munchies:  Type the letters on the aliens to keep them from breaking through the wall and eating your lunch.  The harder the level you choose, the faster the aliens fall.

keyboardninja-150x81   Keyboard Ninja:  Slice the fruits by typing the letters on them.  Don't slice the bombs!  (NOTE:  This game starts with an animated advertisement.  Wait until you see the King-Fu guy before you click to start the game.)
typetyperev-300x204   Type Type Revolution:  Type each letter as it crosses the bar at the top of the page.  There are three levels; the harder the level the faster the letters move.  Change to "EASY" at the start!
spacewords   Save the universe from an alien invasion by typing!