Smithton Middle School Information

  • Our Mission: 
         Prepare students as problem solvers to adapt to an ever changing future through rigorous
             academic growth and positive character development.

    Our Vision:
          To be a positive environment where students and teachers work together for excellence. 

    Our Values:
         Education, Problem Solving, Relationships, Respectful, Teamwork, Character
    Smithton Middle School opened its doors in the fall of 1995 and provided middle school children an opportunity to build relationships, to explore the world beyond the classroom and to grow socially, physically, emotionally, and academically as young adults.  Since that first opening, various components have changed… endeavors, staffing, structure, and programming, but the focus on rigorous academic endeavor, character development, and the preparation for the future has been steadfast.  Smithton develops students as problem solvers for an ever-changing future.
    Strengths: There are many important features regarding the educational program at Smithton Middle School.  Such as:
    Quality Staff…more than 80% of the professional staff have an advanced degree.  Knowledge base and experience results in highly rigorous instruction.
    Opportunity beyond the classroom…Smithton provides all students to explore and engage in a variety of programs that extend and enrich their educational program.  Chess Club, Robotics, Challenge Math, Science Olympiad, Quiz Bowl, Athletics (football, volleyball, cross country, basketball, and track), Builders Club and more.
    Focus on Career and College Readiness...We are proud to be an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) School.  AVID is an international approach to ensure all students are career and college ready.   We start this process at middle school by implementing strategies that focus on critical thinking skills, organization, and problem solving.
    Parent and Community Partnerships…Partnerships strengthen the school’s educational program.  Smithton has a long tradition of having a highly engaged and involved parent organization as well as business partnerships with Quaker Oats and the MU Volleyball Team.
    21st Century Learning Environment... Smithton focuses on integrating technology as an instructional tool. This provides students opportunity for communication, collaboration, creative exploration, critical thinking, and citizenship.
    Current Practices…During the upcoming school year, Smithton has three primary focuses…
    1:1 Learning…All students will have their own personal learning device, an IPad.  This year, teachers will use the IPad to enhance and enrich day-to-day learning experiences. Developing Digital Citizens is a primary goal for this year.
    Organization…A key student skill for success is being organized.  We understand at Smithton, that organization must be taught.  Setting guidelines, teaching strategies, and modeling effective practices will not only ensure student success during the school year but also in the future.
    BIST... Behavior Intervention Support Team. Being consistent and fair helps to build trust with students and parents.  Smithton has committed to implement this classroom/school management approach to ensure student safety.
    We Are One

    Our school supports CPS's vision of being the best school district in the state. Smithton will continue to work toward this vision, striving to be the best middle school in Columbia and in Missouri. Our district’s mission demands that we provide an excellent education for all children. Smithton’s belief is that an excellent education stress rigorous academic instruction and positive character development.  Our focus on Achievement, Enrichment, and Opportunity will enable all students to acquire the skills and abilities needed to be successful, including a mastery of content areas, growth mindset, self-knowledge, creativity, wellness, interpersonal skills, confidence, cultural competence, and community connection. We Are One because, together, students will grow and develop academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

    The Smithton mascot is the Wildcat.
    The school colors are black and gold.
       Wildcat GRRRR:

    We expect Smithton students to:

    Give Respect to themselves, others, and the learning environment,

    Be Ready to learn,

    Take Responsibility,

    and Reach for the stars!


    Start time: 7:25 a.m.    

    Dismissal time: 2:35 p.m.


    Principal: Chris Drury

    Assistant Principal:  Kelly Turnbough