• Welcome to Oakland Middle School, Home of the Eagles!  We are very proud of the tradition of excellence set forth for us through the accomplishments of our students and faculty who received national recognition for their achievements and contributions during the original Oakland Junior High Era, 1971-95.  In 1988-90 we earned recognition from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in Washington, D.C. as one of the Nation’s Outstanding Secondary Schools and in 1990-91 we received recognition for our Drug Education Program.  In 1992 the National Association of Secondary School Principals also selected Oakland as one of eight model middle level schools in the nation to study for restructuring efforts.  We are very proud of our past and we are looking forward to taking Oakland Middle School down the road to excellence as we continue to meet the needs of students. 

    Oakland has an excellent tradition based on a climate of open and caring communication between school and home.  This open communication between students, parents, faculty and administration is a necessity for making the year as productive as possible.  This school year promises to be an outstanding one for Oakland Middle School.  Your participation in this team will help to ensure that all students maximize their potential, not only intellectually, but also physically, emotionally and socially.  Our mission is to inspire each learner to develop intellectually and individually in a caring community where everyone is important, productive and safe, through rigor, relevance and relationships.

    We have established a vision to focus ourselves upon the ideal school we want Oakland to be, ensuring the best learning environment for students and adults.