•                            Welcome to the Smithton Counseling Office!

    Students are encouraged to visit the Counseling Office whenever needed.  The best time to request a visit to see a counselor is during Ac. Lab (so that students aren’t missing instructional time).  However, teachers do understand and support the need for students to miss a few minutes of class when truly necessary.  Counselors will also be helping to supervise in the hallways before/after school as well as in the cafeteria during lunch so students have lots of opportunities to connect and let someone know they need to visit.

    Our School Counselors Mrs. Sipe, Ms. Fick and our Outreach Counselor Mrs. Anderson are available to offer support and assistance whenever we can.

    The middle school years are tough.  If you ever have a problem, question or general concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Parents are always welcome to get in touch with counselors by phone, email or by appointment.  All counselors can be reached by calling (573) 214-3263 or by leaving a message with the front office at (573) 214-3260. Parents are also welcome to drop-in at any time but in an effort to ensure that your time is well spent, and that a counselor is available, we recommend calling or emailing to make an appointment whenever possible.

    These are exciting and challenging times for both you and your student(s)!  Please let us know if we can help in any way!


    Our Counseling Team:

    School Registrar                                                    Outreach Counselor 
    Leslie Gash                                                              Amanda Anderson         

    Email:Lgash@cpsk12.org                                       Email: Aanderson@cpsk12.org

    School Counselors
    Danielle Sipe (Last names A-K)                             Raine Fick (Last names L-Z)

    Email: Dsipe@cpsk12.org                                      Email: Rfick@cpsk12.org

    Counseling Photo