• Vision:  At Oakland Middle School, each learner will develop intellectually and socially in a caring community where everyone is important, productive, and safe.


     Intellectual Achievement

     At Oakland Middle School, students, faculty and staff will effectively communicate by being clear and concise in terms of grades, standards, goals and academic progress.

    Faculty and staff will help students achieve high curricular standards by:

    • providing consistent and differentiated instruction
    • utilizing timely and effective feedback
    • using data to adjust, modify and systematically intervene
    • participating in professional development
    • encouraging students to:  show up prepared, lean forward attentively, ask questions, never give up or stop trying, take notes AND do the work, talk to your teachers. (AVID SLANTT)
    • promoting career and college readiness

    Social Development

    At Oakland Middle School, students will socially develop by demonstrating the ability to:

    • maintain a courteous, polite and patient demeanor while interacting with one another and their surroundings
    • take ownership of their attitudes and actions
    • be supportive of the individual needs of all OMS community members in our diverse population
    • approach each day enthusiastically and promote confidence and motivation in themselves and those around them
    • think and act with empathy in regard to others and be supportive of their needs

    Caring Community

    At Oakland Middle School, we strive to create a school environment with the following characteristics, so

    the Oakland Family will:

    • model and always promote appropriate conduct and language, in and out of the building
    • communicate clear and consistent expectations
    • represent themselves in a positive manner by adhering to PBIS expectations
    • collaborate to foster a professional and supportive learning environment
    • maintain open communication
    • work with community members by effectively communicating school goals, outcomes, and expectations
    • be positive representatives of Oakland in the larger community
    • assume an active role and take responsibility for our children’s grades, goals and academic progress