• Achievement

    At Oakland Middle School we define achievement as striving to excel in the following areas:


    • Faculty and staff will set high standards within the curriculum by providing consistent and differentiated instruction by integrating available resources and striving to incorporate best practices.

    • Faculty and staff will be encouraged and supported to participate in after-school teaching and professional development opportunities.

    • Students will be encouraged to participate in after-school learning and enrichment activities.


    • Students will be invested in learning and demonstrate their growth by striving to achieve their personal best in all academic efforts.


    • Students, faculty and staff will effectively communicate by being clear and concise in terms of grades, standards, goals and academic progress.



    At Oakland Middle School, we define a person of character as someone who possesses the following qualities:

    Students, faculty and staff:

    • will maintain a courteous, polite and patient demeanor while interacting with one another and their surroundings. (Respect)
    • will take ownership of their attitudes and actions. (Responsibility)
    • will be supportive of each other by doing what is necessary to ensure school success. (Loyalty)
    • will approach each day enthusiastically and promote confidence and motivation in themselves and those around them. (Positive)
    • Will think and act in regards to others and be open to changes necessary to ensure the success of our school. (Empathy)                                                                                  


    At Oakland Middle School, we strive to create a school environment that has the following characteristics:


    • Students, faculty and staff will model and promote appropriate conduct and language at all times, in and out of the building, on school grounds.
    • Faculty and staff will communicate clear and consistent expectations by following the established procedures regarding rules and consequences.
    • Students will represent themselves in a positive manner by adhering to the PBS (Positive Behavior Support) expectations and established procedures outlined in the student handbook.


    • Students, faculty and staff will collaborate to foster a professional and supportive learning environment.
    • Faculty and staff in order to enhance student engagement, will maintain open communication, provide a warm and welcoming environment, and devote themselves to helping students at any appropriate time.

    Students will demonstrate willingness to cooperate with all individuals within our diverse population.



    At Oakland Middle School we define community as individuals or groups with a common interest in our students’ education, who support the school environment to include the following stakeholders:

    • Faculty and staff will work with community members by effectively communicating school goals, outcomes, and expectations.

    • Students will be representatives of the school by portraying themselves as positive members of the larger community by following the principles of PBS.
    • Families/Guardians will assume an active role and take responsibility for their child’s grades, goals and academic progress by partnering with school personnel to support student success.
    • Partners-in-Education will support educational activities by being present and involved in school functions.