• Rock Bridge Elementary School is a community of learners where everyone learns in a safe, supportive environment.

    Rock Bridge Elementary School opened in 1957. It was not originally part of the Columbia Public School District. The school is located next to Rock Bridge State Park.

    The Rock Bridge mascot is the Bears. The school colors are blue and green.  

    Daily start time:  7:40 AM

    Dismissal time:  2:40 PM 
    School Administrators are Dr. Ryan Link and Mrs. Morgan Neale.
    The staff at RBE will:
    Be committed to growth for all ·
    • Promote lifelong learning 
    • Meet the needs of all learners 
    • Develop growth mindset
    • Provide clear expectations 

    Embrace teamwork

    • Inspire and support one another 
    • Encourage open communication and collaboration ·
    • Presume positive intentions

    Achieve through engagement

    • Foster creativity and critical thinking
    • Strive to accomplish goals
    • Learn without boundaries 
    • Enrich learning through real world opportunities

    Respect differences and diversity 

    • Learn from one another 
    • Cultivate safe, supportive environment 
    • Appreciate individual differences and ideas

    Share responsibility for school success 

    • Utilize data to guide decisions 
    • Celebrate student and school successes
    • Apply consistent use of positive behavior strategies
    • Implement CPS standards-based curriculum with fidelity