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    COUNSELOR CALENDARS for Schedule Change Requests
    ** Be sure to sign up for an appointment with the correct counselor - note your counselor for the 2019-20 School Year may have changed! See the counselor caseload list at the top of the Instructions to determine your counselor for this year. 
    REMEMBER: You can ONLY sign up for an appointment before/after school, during your AUT/Study Hall/Academic Lab/CPS Virtual block, or during lunch. You cannot sign up for an appointment during an academic class.
    ♦ Appointments scheduled during an academic class will be cancelled. 
    ♦ You can only sign up for ONE appointment and any additional appointment spots scheduled will be cancelled. 
    ♦Parent Permission is required for ALL schedule changes. Please make sure a parent is available by phone or text during your appointment time or bring a note signed by a parent/guardian approving your change.
    Appointment Calendar Links:
    Mrs. McKee: A, T-Z
    Dr. Alexander: B-C
    Dr. Stansberry: D-F, H
    Mrs. Cleppe: G, I-L
    Mrs. Collins: M-P
    Mrs. Kersha: Q-S

    Schedule Change & Correction Procedures
    Student schedules will be available through the CPS Families Portal on Friday, Aug. 9th for families who have completed the online registration process. For more information about viewing your student's schedule and the 2019-20 Schedule Change/Corrections Procedures & Parameters, check out the Counseling Office Newsletter linked HERE (and also below).

    Counseling Office Newsletter:

    We are looking forward to the start of another great year!

    More Than Sad

    On Wednesday and Thursday, November 28th and 29th , Counselors conducted some suicide prevention training during Freshman Advisory classes. The program is called, More Than Sad.  Parents, educators, and students can find out more about the MORE THAN SAD program from AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) at the following website:

    More Than Sad Program Handouts: