The Wardrobe Shoe Coupons
715 Park Ave., Columbia, MO
Phone: 573-442-3260

During the following days and hours, The Wardrobe Inc. will be offering referral clients the opportunity to obtain for each child in the Boone County public school, at their location, 715 Park Ave.
The process is as follows:
  • The family referral sheet must be current (for assistance contact Outreach Counselor at RBHS, or 214-3100 *33451 before school lets out on 5/25.)
  • The cost of the coupon is $4, cash only, per pair of shoes
  • Must be used ONLY at Payless Shoe Source store on Business Loop 70 in AUGUST
  • Child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when shopping at Payless.
Clients may shop only for school age children (K-12) on Shoe Coupon days.
AUGUST 2, 3, 4, 2017 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
TWO (2) coupons for TWO (2) pairs of school shoes only
grades K - 12
* * * * No Pre-School or Alternative Schools Qualify * * * *
* * * * A current signed referral form will be REQUIRED * * * *

Do you have an interest in, or currently working in the Electrical Construction Industry? IBEW Local 257 has several options available to assist you. IBEW Local 257 represents skilled electricians in all areas including residential, commercial, voice-data-video, electrical maintenance, and manufacturing.
If you're interested in the IBEW Joint Apprenticeship Program click HERE for more information.

The Leadership Intern opportunity is ideal for high school and college age students. This opportunity builds leadership skills through formalized training and practical experience, introduces entrepreneurial and intellectual property concepts, strengthens college applications and provides a meaningful setting to complete required volunteer hours. 

The Educational Exploration (EdX) Intern Program is a summer job where we pay up to 20 students interested in becoming a teacher $10 per hour to work in a classroom during the summer school session.
For more information click HERE 
For the EdX Application click HERE

Camp Salsa (CPS Summer School Course Urban Ecology) is accepting applications for their 8-week summer program! Camp Salsa is a collaborative academic/employment effort between the C.A.R.E. program, MU Family Impact Center, Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, and Columbia Public Schools. Camp Salsa began in 2015.
Camp Salsa provides opportunities for about 15 local high school students to work from beginning to end on a project to foster skills that can be transferred into the workforce. The main components of the Camp Salsa experience are:
• Grow: trainees will learn to maintain a garden.
• Cook: trainees will work in a team to research and produce a unique salsa recipe.
• Sell: trainees will learn to create a business plan, package their salsa, create a brand, label their product, and then sell their salsa.
Upon completion of the first four weeks of the program, students will receive one high school class credit from Columbia Public Schools (Urban Ecology).
In addition, students will be paid for working hours for eight weeks of the program through the C.A.R.E. program.

Click HERE  for the Camp Salsa Application

FREE DROP IN EMPLOYMENT CLASSES - The CARE Program offers FREE drop in employment classes for 13 - 20 year olds on topics such as:
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Volunteering to help get a job
  • Resume Assistance
  • Cover Letter Assistance
  • How to Obtain Letters of Recommendation 
  • Job Interviewing Assistance 
View the flyer below for more information about class dates and times:
Care Flyer
All classes will be held in the second floor conference room at the Armory Sports Center (701 East Ash St.), which is located at the northeast corner of 7th St. and Ash St. Free parking is available in the Armory parking lots after 6:00 p.m. as well as on Park St. (which is behind/north of the Armory) 24 hours per day. For more information, please call the CARE office at 573-874-6300.



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