Job Postings

  • Ernie's Cafe - Job Opportunity
    Ernie's Cafe is looking for a weekend cashier.  Candidate should feel comfortable working with customers and co-workers and with counting money in a fast paced atmosphere.  The main responsibility of the position is running the cash register, ringing out tickets for customers, using the credit card machine to charge purchases, taking cash and returning change to customers. Accuracy is extremely important. More responsibilities include rolling silverware in napkins for servers to use, providing beverage refills at the counter, and helping servers as needed.
    Hours are 9:30am - 2:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday. We would like one person, but will consider 2 candidates, each working 1 day per week.
    Pay is $12 per hour plus a tip-out from the servers.  Contact Ernie's Cafe at 1005 E. Walnut in downtown Columbia and ask for a job application.  We are open from 6:30am - 2:00pm daily.

    The Food Bank for Central & Northeast Missouri has started The Ballard Buddy Youth Leadership Program to give students aged 14-18 years an opportunity to become involved in the mission to stop hunger in our community. Its inaugural year runs from June 2019 to April 2020. We’re looking for leaders. Join us.

    As part of the program, participants will:
    ♦ Volunteer 81 hours in a year.
    ♦ Organize and lead children at a Kids Helping Kids Day.
    ♦ Participate in one educational event a semester.
    ♦ Participate in the five most common volunteer opportunities at The Food Bank, like working at a special event.
    1.  Complete the application and email it to Chase Wyckwood at or mail it to The Food Bank at 2101 Vandiver Drive, Columbia, MO 65202.
    2. Register in our online volunteer system, found here.


    Hyvee Hiring Multiple Positions
    Visit Hy-Vee Careers online to see a list of available positions and to apply!

    Forum 8 is Now Hiring! Must Love Movies!
    Apply at the theater or click here to apply online
    Forum 8

  • Earn 1 full credit (1/2 credit each semester) by completing a career related internship or job experience through the Career Path (CP) Internship Course: 

    Career Path Internship 1430ELO
    Grade Level: 11, 12                Credit:  ½ or 1             Type: Elective

    Prerequisite: Completed CP Internship Application  (click HERE for application form)

    This semester or year-long CPS online course will provide students the opportunity to explore career interests and develop job skills through "real world" experience at an internship or employment site. Students are required to complete a minimum of 50 hours per semester at their internship/job site(s)* in addition to completion of course assignments such as: monthly journals, writing a resume and cover letter, and participating in performance evaluations. Students will also be required to maintain a timesheet documenting their internship hours.  Students enrolling in this course should be self-motivated and responsible with strong time management skills. Students must provide their own transportation to/from their internship/job site.  Students are responsible for choosing and setting up their internship/job site(s); however, if needed, the course instructor can provide assistance in locating appropriate internship placement. Interns must complete and submit the CP Internship Application to Mrs. Reed ( BEFORE the start of the class.  Students may choose to intern/work at more than one site during the semester or year.

    *Students may complete their 50 hours during the summer prior to the school year in which they are enrolled in the CP Internship course. The CP Internship Application must be completed and submitted prior to the start of the summer for any summer hours to be accepted. Students must write a resume, maintain a timesheet and have their summer hours verified by the internship site supervisor, be evaluated by their site supervisor, and write a paper over their experience (prompt available on our Schoology site) in order to earn .5 credits for summer work.