Post-Secondary Planning Resources

College Comparison Charts are an easy way to organize your college research! Below are a couple examples of comparison charts that you can use as you research colleges of interest.

Online Resources for Post-Secondary Research:

Missouri Connections -
You Visit: Virtual College Tours - 
College Week Live - 
Missouri Dept. of Higher Ed - 
The Source  
MDHE The Source A guide for Missouri students about planning and paying for college, including information about federal and state grants, scholarships, loans, and assistance completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
College Raptor -  Free college matching platform that helps student discover colleges based on academic, cultural, and financial fit. Estimates the scholarship offers they’ll receive from any college in the country. 
College Raptor Starting Your College Search Videos  Short video series that covers the basics of college fit, choosing a major, financial aid, admissions, and more. -  Research post-secondary options, set goals, track progress, and find support – all in one place.
Beauty Schools Directory - 

College and Career Planning Resources 

This document provides information on college characteristics for students to consider when researching schools of interest as well as a list of things to see when on a campus visit.
Not sure what questions to ask when you meet with a college admissions rep?  Check out this list of helpful questions to get you started!
 Visiting a college campus helps you get a sense of what a college — and life at that college — is like. This can help you decide whether the college is right for you. When planning your campus visits, make sure to allow time to explore each college. While you’re there, talk to as many people as possible. These can include college admission staff, professors and students. Below are some other things you can do while visiting. Note that some activities, such as meeting with an admission officer or staying overnight in a dorm, might need to be set up in advance.
Features: College Checklists, Application Station, College Essay Lab, College Profiles, Cost of College Calculator and much more!  
Shmoop is here to give you the real scoop on tons of careers. We’ll inspire you, excite you, and inform you about changing trends in the industry. We’ll help you find your path, prepare you for it, and make sure that you’re ready to rock and roll your way to success. 

Guidance Presentations by Grade Level

On Monday, December 5th and Tuesday, December 6th, counselors presented information on scholarships and the Salute to Seniors Community Scholarship Program to all Seniors through Senior English Classes.  Students who are not enrolled in a Senior English class at Rock Bridge or who were absent during the presentation, can view it by click on the title link above.  
On Thursday, October 27th and Friday, October 28th, counselors presented post-secondary planning information to parents of our current juniors. If you were unable to attend the meeting, you can view our presentation by clicking on the title link above. 
On Tuesday, October 25th, counselors presented important post-secondary planning information to Juniors through US Studies classes.  Presentation topics included: post-secondary options, resources for researching post-secondary opportunities, ACT vs. SAT, test prep information, and paying for college.  After viewing the presentation, students worked on Missouri Connections to complete the School Sort.  If you missed the presentation, you can view it by clicking on the title link above.  

On Wednesday, Sept. 7th and Thursday, Sept. 8th, counselors presented important post-secondary planning information to all Seniors through Senior English classes.  Presentation topics included: Resources for researching post-secondary options, application timelines, ACT prep, and Financial Aid/ FAFSA and Scholarship information. If you missed the presentation, you can view it by clicking on the title link above. 

Paying for College - Online Resources

SallieMae College Planning Calculator
Make a solid plan for financing higher education
Build a customized plan based upon your situation:
  • If college is just around the corner, we can help you figure out how to pay for it.
  • If college is far away, we can help you save for it.
Save your plan so you can review, revise, and update your plan of action at any time.

  • Find scholarships that match your talents and interests
  • Get email alerts when new matches are posted
  • Save your profile and edit as needed 
Provides information on Scholarships, Loans, FAFSA, as well has handy calculators and resources for budgeting, calculating Loan Debt 
MDHE The Source
A comprehensive guide designed to serve as the premier go-to resource for students in search of federal and state grants, scholarships, loans, and assistance completing the Free Application for Federal Financial Assistance.