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  • SallieMae College Planning Calculator
    Make a solid plan for financing higher education
    Build a customized plan based upon your situation:
      • If college is just around the corner, we can help you figure out how to pay for it.
      • If college is far away, we can help you save for it.
    Save your plan so you can review, revise, and update your plan of action at any time.

      • Find scholarships that match your talents and interests
      • Get email alerts when new matches are posted
      • Save your profile and edit as needed 
    Provides information on Scholarships, Loans, FAFSA, as well has handy calculators and resources for budgeting, calculating Loan Debt 
    MDHE The Source
    A comprehensive guide designed to serve as the premier go-to resource for students in search of federal and state grants, scholarships, loans, and assistance completing the Free Application for Federal Financial Assistance.