Rock Bridge Tutoring Information

  • If your student is struggling, know that the faculty at Rock Bridge is committed to helping all of our students succeed.  We work collaboratively to ensure that our students have all the support programs available to help them at school, and we solicit your support at home to encourage regular study/organization habits, a quiet place to study, time to study throughout the week, as well as monitoring academic progress with your student and teachers.  

    You are encouraged to communicate directly with teachers if you need additional information regarding your student’s progress in class.  Most teachers are available before and after school or by appointment to work with students on an individual basis.  Please encourage your student to discuss with teachers things they can do to improve their grade and learning. 
    We also have the following support programs to help at school with homework completion and tutoring:
    Core subject tutoring is offered every block of the day (closed during A lunch) in the following rooms. 
    MATH TUTORINGroom 123
    SCIENCE, ENGLISH, AND SOCIAL STUDIES TUTORINGroom 334 (Student Support Center)
    RBHS Math Tutors: Room 123
     1A: Taylor 1B: McCray
     2A: Fitzgerald 2B: Showalter
     3A: Wilcox 3B: Martin
     4A: Dablemont 4B: Thornberry
    RBHS Science Tutors: Room 334 
     1A: Dweik          1B: Poehlman
     2A: Kaufman 2B: Still
     3A: Gabel 3B: Smith
     4A: Harman 4B: Graham
    RBHS Studies (English & Social Studies) Tutors: Room 334
     1A: Tucker            1B: Fischer
     2A: Matteson 2B: Niewoehner
     3A: Perry 3B: McDonough
     4A: B. Schirmer 4B: Worman

    Paid Math Tutors