• Mrs. Penn's Schedule - 

    Keep this schedule in mind when trying to reach me.  If I’m teaching at the time you have tried to get ahold of me it might take me a little longer to get back to you, BUT I will get back to you.  Just be patient.  

     Here is my schedule.

  • Email: kpenn@cpsk12.org

    Phone: (573) 214-3300

    ext. 38216

    Kelly Penn

    Room G208

  • Schoology

    I keep everything that I am doing in class in Schoology where it can be accessed by both parents and students. I try to make it easy to both understand and navigate.  I have my classes divided into Units/Foundations and then into Weeks/Days.  Once you go into the week/day I always have a file for the slide show that I used for that lesson, which will take the student step by step through what was done in class.  Then there is a folder for any handouts that we used (these are also linked into the slide show).  Finally, I have a folder for any assignments that need to be turned in.  For every unit/foundation that we cover I will put the standards that we are working on and the assessments that we are using.  This way both parents/guardians and students can look to see what needs to be turned in and what have they already turned in.  As always, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out.