Arrival: 7:35 A.M.
    School Begins: 7:55 A.M.
    Dismissal: 2:55 P.M
    Early Dismissal: 12:10 P.M.
    1208 Locust Street
    Columbia, MO  65201
    573.214.3531 (fax)
    Mrs. Mary Sue Gibson and Ms. Mary Korth-Lloyd, Principals
    Mrs. Lori Bresnahan, Secretary to the Principals 
    • Our school mascots are the Explorers. Our school colors are blue and red (or purple when mixed together!)

    •  The 2017-2018 enrollment at Lee was 336.
    • The mission of Lee Expressive Arts Elementary School is to promote learning through the arts. Students, teachers, and parents work together as a diverse community to support high expectations and achievement for all students.
    • We believe that learning through the arts best prepares children for life. 
    School Song

    Learn, Explore, Express,
    At Lee we do our best.
    We paint and sing and dance.
    We learn to take a chance.

    Lee School, a school unlike the rest,
    Where learning with the arts helps us be our very best.

    Our head, our hands, our voice,
    We learn to make a choice.
    We read and write and speak.
    We learn we are unique.