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    Shown in random order. Opportunities for all ages. Hover for info; click for site.
    Boone Electric sends 4 juniors to DC every summer.
    Write an essay on peace, win a trip to DC.
    Submit art/poetry; win a trip to SF.
    Win 5K by writing about a public policy problem. Get paid to skip or delay college and develop your own innovations. Write a science essay; win $2500.
    Two graduating seniors per state get to attend this prestigious, free science camp. Submit an innovative idea, win 25K, a trip to CERN, Lego, or the Galapagos. Tackle sustainability. Win thousands.
    Write a science essay, win 5K. Strong student without a lot of $? Scholarships from middle school to college. 3K and summer fisheries internship.
    Write about a virtuous politician; win 10K. Write about an Ayn Rand novel, win 10K. Do something green; get award from EPA.
    Juniors can win for their writing. Envision a future technology; win 10K. MIT THINK: win funding and a mentor for your idea.
    Design mobil app; win 20K. Make 5m documentary; win 5K. Win 10K to develop your invention.
    Do something gree; win 3K, a trip to SF, and a film about your work. Not rich? Get two paid summers in a chem lab and 5K for college. Do original research; win 100K.
    Tomorrow's Health Care Elite: Mizzou provides afterschool medical trainings. Write on a hunger issue; get internships for high school and college. Are you a math girl? Win 25K.
    Use satellite data for project; win 5K. Do water project; win 10K. Design a tech for persons with disabilities; win 5K and trip to DC. Mentors provided.
    Write a history paper; win prestigious award and publication. Do community service; win 5K and trip to DC. Do biotech project; win $7500.
    The most important high school science fair. Win $50,000. The elite talent search for Seniors. Win 100K. Make an inspirational speech; win $2500.
    Make a speech about the Constitution; win 18K. Record a 5m patriotic speech; win 30K. Submit arts portfolio; win 10K and master classes with luminaries in your medium.
    Serve in your community; win 1K. Be a really cool kid; win 20K. Complete original research in the sciences or social sciences; win 12K. Talk to Mrs. Roberson at Career Center.
    Complete a significant piece of work of almost any kind; win 25K. Merit-based scholarships for high school study abroad. Funding for high school study abroad.
    Free support for children achieving in 99.9%ile. Full ride to any private high school that can challenge you appropriately. Multiple study abroad opportunities.
    The top science project competition for middle school; win 25K. Think scientificallly about a problem in your community; win 25K. Submit a creative work; win 10K
    Web-based STEM competition from the US Army. Submit a business idea; win 5K and meet Warren Buffet. Winston Churchill Student Speech Competition. Make 4-5 minute speech. Winston Churchill Speech Contest
    Design a future city; win 5K. Design an entrepreneurial solution to a big problem; get connections to big name scientists and corporations. MIT's non-STEM competition.
    Envision the solution to a future problem. We usually have kids compete at the international level. Debate ethical conundrums. Answer a philosophical question in 500 words; Earn title of "most philosophical student in America".
    Create a website, paper, documentary, exhibit, or performance on a historical topic; win 1K. Write a letter to a favorite author; win a trip to DC. Middle schoolers write about veterans; win 5K and trip to DC.
    Create patriotic art; win 10K.  Make 1-2 minute video of an idea; win 25K.
     National Geographic's high school photo contest.
    High School Photo Contest
    Build a solar racer. High School. Grades 6-12, green project, 500K in prizes. USAMTS--an elite math competition for grades 6-12.
    Online budgeting simulation; win $100,000.
     MNEA Law Day Essay Contest