• Helpful Links

    Explore these valuable links to enhance your educational journey and personal growth:

    1. Cogito.org: Join this vibrant online community of the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, tailored for gifted students aged 13 to 18 interested in math, science, and technology.

    2. TED Talks: Dive into inspiring talks on a variety of topics. Some favorites include Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity

    3. Hoagies Gifted Education: Your go-to hub for all things gifted! Whether you're a teen, parent, or educator, find comprehensive resources catering to your interests.

    4. The Critical Thinking Community: An educational non-profit fostering fair-minded critical thinking, driving essential change in education and society.

    5. SENG: Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted: Learn how to support gifted students emotionally, addressing the unique social and emotional challenges they face.

    6. Hickman Guidance Department: Stay informed! Access a wealth of information applicable to every student. Seniors, explore monthly scholarships and make your parents proud!

    7. Cappex: Sophomores, juniors, and seniors plan your future with Cappex. Enjoy user-friendly tools and planning worksheets to make the process manageable and less overwhelming.

    8. National Association of Gifted Children: Your ultimate resource on gifted education in the U.S. Find definitions, scholarships, and publications for both parents and students.

    9. Gifted Association of Missouri: Stay informed about gifted education in Missouri. Contribute to keeping gifted education accessible through advocacy. Discover scholarship and award opportunities through their links.