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    Phone Numbers

    PLEASE notify the school if your contact information changes.  When your child is sick or injured, it is very stressful for them if we can't contact a parent or guardian to take them home. A phone call to the guidance office or our attendance secretary is all you need to do to update a phone number. 

    A Headache can really Hurt!! 

    Remember that your middle school student can carry a one day supply of an over the counter pain reliever in a container labeled by the manufacturer.  This includes Tylenol, Ibuprofen, cold medication, and cough drops.  Many students come to the health room complaining of a headache.  We are NOT allowed to give any medication to your student that is not prescribed by a physician in writing. 
    Student Flu Shot Clinic
    The Boone County Health Department staff will be at Jefferson Middle School on Wednesday October 23 between 8 AM and 10 AM to administer flu shots.
    Your student must have a signed permission slip from a parent to receive this free vaccine.  Forms are available in the front office or in the health room. 
    Please remember the nurse must administer prescription medications while your student is at camp.  This includes ADHD medications.  Please contact the health room staff if you have any questions.  A parent must bring the medication to the health room before camp begins.  There is paperwork to complete.  Thank you!
    Storm Runners-October 3 & 4
    Tsunami October 8 & 9
    Firestorm October 10 & 11
    The health room staff are happy to assist your Jefferson Middle School student at any time.  Please be sure you update contact information with the school.  If a student needs to be sent home because they are ill, we need to be able to contact a parent or guardian quickly.
    Health Room Hours:
    7 AM-3:30 PM Monday-Friday
    Betty Cramer, RN, BSN , School Nurse
     Shawna Volkart, Health Secretary 
    Phone 573-214-3213  
    Fax 573-214-3399