• Battle High School Site Team Family
    Battle High School is fortunate to have a Site Team that consists of faculty members, administrators, tutors, parents, and students.   Monthly meetings are held to discuss the Coaching & Certification Instrument (CCI), the path to Schoolwide AVID, plan events and provide support for all students in AVID and schoolwide at Battle High School. 
    AVID Elective Teachers: 
    AVID 9 - Ms. Kelsey Mescher & Mr. Brian Hancock
    AVID 10 - Mrs. Ali Schupp & Mrs. Leslie M. Aguilar
    AVID 11 - Mrs. Mandy Franklin & Mr. Brandon Wagner 
    AVID 12 - Mrs. Leslie M. Aguilar
    Members include:
    Ali Schupp, AVID 10 Elective Teacher
    Adam Taylor, Associate Principal
    Adym Cooney, teacher
    Brandon Wagner, AVID 11 Elective Teacher
    Brian Corrigan, teacher
    Brian McAndrew, Counselor, AVID 9 (Mescher)
    Brian Hancock, AVID 9 Elective Teacher
    Danny Gammon, teacher
    Jacob Biener, Counselor, AVID 9 (Hancock)
    Josh Johnson, Asst. Principal
    Dr. Kim Presko, Principal
    Leigh Spence, Director of Counseling
    Leslie Aguilar, AVID 10 & 12 Elective Teacher; AVID Site Coordinator
    Lynn Hagen, teacher
    Mandy Franklin, AVID 11 Elective Teacher
    Lindsey Mirielli, teacher
    Melissa Patterson, Counselor AVID 10
    Rachel McCarthy, Asst. Principal
    Rebecca Wallace, Counselor
    Samantha Bratcher, teacher 
    Theresa Metz, community member
    Karmella Wright, parent
    Amaya Daniels, AVID 11 student
    Robert Lee, AVID 10 student