Rock Bridge High School Registration

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    Feel free to call the Guidance office (573-214-3111) or see your counselor if you have questions or need help.
     January 17-20:  Enrollment information and handouts provided to 9th-11th graders through Advisory, Biology, and U.S. Studies classes
     January 18 & 19:  Counselors to Advisories for Q&A  for current 9th graders.
     January 20:  Counselors to U.S. Studies classes for Q&A and small group advisement with current 11th graders. 
    January 23& 24: Counselors to Biology classes for Q&A and small group advisement for current 10th graders.
    January 25 & 26: Counselors to Advisories for small group advisement with current 9th graders. 
    January 27:  Course request cards due to Advisory teachers (current 9th graders), Biology teachers (current 10th graders), and U.S. Studies teachers (current 11th graders).  
    February 7: Individual Advisement for current 11th graders begins
    ALL JUNIORS MUST SIGN UP FOR AN INDIVIDUAL ADVISEMENT APPOINTMENT to meet with their counselor re. course requests, graduation progress and post-secondary plans.  
    Appointments must be made during a student's AUT/ARC time, before/after school or during lunch.
    Counselors will not excuse students from class for advisement appointments. 
    Individual Advisement appointments for current juniors can be made online using the links below: 

    Dr. Alexander (students with last names beginning A, T-Z):

    Dr. Stansberry (students with last names beginning with B-D):

    Mrs. Cleppe (students with last names beginning with E-J):

    Mrs. Reed (students with last names beginning with K-O):

    Mrs. Kersha (students with last names beginning with P-S):


2017-18 Enrollment Information

  •  *Once you open the link to the Enrollment Presentations, click Enable Editing in the yellow band at the top (may or may not be necessary depending on your computer).  Then, click on the "Slide Show" tab at the top and then select to view "from beginning". The presentation will play automatically with audio recorded instructions (make sure your computer speakers are on to hear the audio portion of the presentation). 
    2017-18 RISING FRESHMAN Enrollment Presentation (for current 8th graders): Click HERE to view the presentation.  
    2017-18 RISING SENIOR Enrollment Presentation (for current 11th graders):  Click HERE to view the presentation.
    2017-18 RISING JUNIOR Enrollment Presentation (for current 10th graders):  Click HERE to view this presentation. 
    2017-18 RISING SOPHOMORE Enrollment Presentation (for current 9th graders):  Click HERE to view this presentation.