• Spring Mentor Thank You!

    Posted by Kayla Phillips on 5/2/2018 7:00:00 PM

    Yesterday was our Spring Mentor Luncheon.  We served pizza and ice cream as a thank you to our AVID Mentors.  Our awesome Mentors volunteer their time, energy, and support all year long for the good of our students.  Yep . . . we know we're lucky!!!!!



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  • Campus Visit - Central Methodist

    Posted by Kayla Phillips on 4/4/2018 12:35:00 PM

    CMU Pictures

    On March 15th, our AVID classes got to visit Central Methodist University in Fayette, MO.  We took a guided tour with one of the CMU Ambassadors, learned about the Admissions process, ate lunch at Campus Dining Facilities, and even got to briefly attend a CMU Softball Tournament. The day was beautiful, fun AND educational! 

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    Posted by Kayla Phillips on 2/28/2018 2:45:00 PM
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  • AVID RECRUITMENT for 2018-2019

    Posted by Kayla Phillips on 1/9/2018 2:45:00 PM



    Dear Family,


    The AVID Elective is a 6th through 12th grade component of the AVID Secondary System that prepares students in the academic middle for admission to a four-year college or university. Students take an AVID Elective course throughout middle school and high school. This elective provides them with the skills needed to be successful in advancing academically with the ultimate goal of attending college. For more than 30 years, AVID has been instrumental in preparing students for success in higher education.


    The core component of the AVID Secondary System is the AVID Elective, which supports students as they challenge themselves in more rigorous classes. Students are taught study skills, note-taking, time management, writing skills, and research skills, while being immersed in a college-going culture. The class also includes tutoring sessions that are led by college students and provide support for success in the academically rigorous curriculum. Additionally, the AVID class provides access to information about colleges and universities through field trips, guest speakers, college tutors, scholarship opportunities, and college admission requirement information.


    Please pick up an application from Mrs. Phillips, AVID Coordinator (Room 214) or in the Guidance Office from Mrs. Collins.  Applications MUST be returned by Monday, January 22nd


    AVID recruits students who are motivated to do well and who are serious about their academic future. This program is limited in numbers.  The AVID Team will use applications and data analysis to decide who will be interviewed & chosen for AVID Elective classes.    


    Thank you!

    Kayla Phillips, Gentry AVID Coordinator

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  • Holiday Breakfast

    Posted by Kayla Phillips on 12/8/2017 2:00:00 PM

    This morning was our AVID Mentor/Mentee Holiday Breakfast.  Forty AVID students and their mentors came together for donuts, juice, and holiday fun!


    Holiday Breakfast Pictures

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  • 1st College Campus Visit: Westminster College, Fulton, MO

    Posted by Kayla Phillips on 12/4/2017 10:15:00 PM

    It is time for your AVID student to gain first-hand experience exploring college campuses.  Gentry AVID classes will visit Westminster College in Fulton, MO on Monday, December 4th.  Students will learn about the admissions process, take a tour of campus, and also tour the Churchill Museum!  Students will also visit a variety of campus facilities and will eat lunch at the college.  This event supports the college preparation goals of AVID and provides students with hands-on experience for their future college careers.       Westminster Pictures

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  • Games & Grub Family Event

    Posted by Kayla Phillips on 10/30/2017 1:30:00 PM

    Games N' Grub Pictures 

    An after school AVID Family Event

    • Game Time - with our students
    • Mock Tutorial - with our parents
    • Family Dinner with bbq and dessert!  
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  • AVID's NEW Community Partnership

    Posted by Kayla Phillips on 10/30/2017 1:00:00 PM

    Our GMS 7th and 8th grade AVID classes are starting a NEW service learning project with our next door neighbors, Gentry Estates.  We will be volunteering our time to help the residents with technology, small chores, and also just learning to socially interact with older adults.  

    Each of our classes will be visiting two times a month.  Please see our AVID calendar for specific dates.

     Group Pictures

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  • AVID Signing Ceremony

    Posted by Kayla Phillips on 9/13/2017 7:55:00 AM

    Signing Ceremony Pictures

    If you have problems saving pictures, please email Mrs. Phillips direct.

    Thank you for coming!

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AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

  • DiscoverEngageSuccee

    AVID is:
    • an acronym that stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.
    • an in-school academic support program for grades 7-12 that prepares students for college eligibility and success
    • an elective class that meets during the regular school day
    • for all students, but it targets those in the academic middle
    • implemented both school-wide and district-wide
    Who is an AVID student?

    Students in the academic middle, capable of completing a college preparatory path with support. Sometimes these students have yet to realize their full academic potential.  During the identification process, a number of criteria are considered, including:

    • Grades
    • Standardized Test Scores
    • Citizenship
    • Attendance
    • Desire and Determination
    If selected for AVID, what are the student responsibilities?
    1.  Take the AVID elective class each year.
    2.  Maintain satisfactory citizenship and attendance in all classes.
    3.  Maintain the AVID binder contents including, but not limited to, assignment sheets and Cornell notes.
    4.  Complete all homework assignments and commit to a structured homework routine each night.
    5.  Maintain a grade of 80% (or 2.5) or higher in all classes