Welcome to the Computers and Technology classroom where your student will learn about computer science and computer applications and how they relate to the world of business and future career opportunities.  
    All students will be expected to be critical thinkers and problem solvers, be able to communicate, be a leader and collaborate, be able to adapt to multiple situations, be curious and imaginative, take initiative and do their best, and know when and how to properly use technology.
    I have a strong background in STEM-related education and I'm looking forward to bringing these interests to my classes.
    The classes I teach are listed below:
    • Exploring Computers (6th Grade)
    • 7th Grade Computers
    • 8th Grade Computers
    • Creative Computing (8th Grade)
    If you need to contact me, please use the information below.        

    Mike Hall
    Email: mhall@cpsk12.org
    Phone: 573-214-3210