Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Art Club

    Description: Different art projects for students who love art.
    Dates and Times: 2nd Thursday of the month
    Starts: September 14
    Location RM 165
    Sponsor(s) Ms. Stuart

    Band, 6th Grade After School

    Description: Mandatory for all student in 6th grade band
    Dates and Times: Mondays 2:40-3:45
    Location RM 97
    Sponsor(s) Ms. Collins

    Builders Club

    Description: Builders club is a service club. We do volunteer work for our school and community. We have a monthly meeting at school where you receive information regarding our monthly community project. Some examples of our projects include: Hinkson Creek Clean Up, Working the kids area at the Heritage Festival and Ringing Bells for Salvation Army..
    Dates and Times: First Wednesday of every month
    Starts: Sept 6
    Location RM 168
    Sponsor(s) Ms. Campbell

    Fitness Club

    Description: We meet outside the locker room doors and will participate in a variety of activities to improve our fitness. Examples: soccer, walking, basketball, kickball, Frisbee golf, tag games, softball, relays, etc… Available to any grade level.
    Dates and Times: Every Monday and Wednesday
    Starts: August 28th and 30th
    Location Gym
    Sponsor(s) Ms. Ross

    Guided Study

    Description: Do you need to catch up on homework or finish a project? Join Guided Study every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the Media Center.
    Dates and Times: Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday unless announced otherwise
    Starts: Sept. 5th
    Location Media Center

    Jazz Band

    Description: For all students interested in playing in a jazz band
    Dates and Times: Listen for announcement
    Location RM. 97
    Sponsor Mr. Moorman

    Lego Robotics Team

    Description: Interested in learning how to build and program robots?  Join the Lego Robotics Club.
    Dates and Times: Mondays and Thursdays 2:45 - 4PM
    Location RM 206
    Sponsor(s) Mr. Hudson

    MAC Scholars

    Description: The Minority Achievement Scholars (MAC Scholars) at Smithton Middle School strives to provide a platform that will encourage students and provide them with opportunities to develop their leadership skills while building a positive self-image, character and increase academic achievement. MAC Scholars will also explore opportunities to increase their community involvement at Smithton Middle School and Columbia.
    Dates and Times: 1st and Last Mondays of the month
    Starts:  September 5th
    Location RM 102
    Sponsor(s) Mr. Brown

    Math Club

    Description: If you enjoy really challenging math problems or enjoy completing calculations quickly, this is the club for you. Fast paced, action packed math!
    Dates and Times:  
    Starts: October
    Location RM 105
    Sponsor(s) Ms. Winter

    Minecraft Coding Club

    Description: If you like Minecraft and writing code on a computer then this is the club for you. With some basic coding skills you can really take your Minecraft game to a new level.
    Dates and Times: 2nd Tuesday of the Month
    Starts: October 10th
    Location RM 140
    Sponsor(s) Mr. Hoover

    Nature Club

    Description: The Nature Club will be a group of students with a desire to learn more about our outside world. We will learn to identify animals by tracks, sound and scat. We will learn about all the different plants and trees around us. We will have guest speakers from the department of conservation. We will discover the importance of our planet and its natural resources. We will also learn about the tamed side of the outdoors including agriculture and animal husbandry. There will be goats, chickens and rabbits at some of meetings. We will start the year off by having the students decidewhat they want to learn about most and hit the ground running from there!
    Dates and Times:  
    Starts: Sept. 6th
    Location RM 202
    Sponsor(s) Ms. Debold

    Pinterest Club

    Description: We will focus on Knitting, Crochet and Looms, but will also do mixed media, bracelet making, and whatever else we find on Pinterest.
    Dates and Times: 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month
    Starts: September 7th
    Location  RM 111
    Sponsor(s)  Ms. Malorin

    Quiz Bowl

    Description: The Quiz Bowl team is for students who love trivia. We will review trivia categories, practice answering trivia questions and compete in Quiz Bowl Tournaments
    Dates and Times: Thursdays
    Starts: September 7th
    Location RM 113
    Sponsor(s) Ms. Wightman, Ms. Long

    Science Olympiad

    Description: Science Olympiad is an academic competition where teams of 15 students from students compete against other teams in various science challenges in our region, and hopefully our state. Some events include Experimental Design, bottle Rockets and Rocks and Minerals. Students are selected for the team based on their performance on tryouts in the fall.
    Dates and Times: Fridays
    Starts: September 8th
    Location RM 167
    Sponsor(s) Ms. Alexander

    Table Top & Card Game Club

    Description: Bored with Monopoly? Looking for something more exciting? Come join the Table Top & Card Game club and try out new games like Settlers of Catan and Magic: The Gathering. We'll be playing as well as learning about games.
    Dates and Times: 1st and 2nd Wednesdays of the month
    Starts: September 6th
    Location Media Center
    Sponsor(s) Mr. Hoover