What is MakerSpace?

  • MakerSpace is a media center program that provides students with the opportunity to create, discover, and learn through supplies and materials.  We want to give students the opportunity to tinker, innovate, and problem solve while connecting to our science, math, and art curriculum. MakerSpace closely relates to Columbia Public School's motion towards encouraging our students to explore STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, & math) topics and do some hands on learning.
    Some of our MakerSpace resources include (some of this stuff looks crazy--click on the links to get a visual):
     Non-Consumable Maker Stuff  Consumable Maker Stuff
    • Patterned & Silver Duct Tape

    • Yarn, finger knitting book

    • Paracord, rings, book

    • Origami paper

    • Clay dough

    • Craft sticks

    • Perler beads, templates
    • THIS IS COOL, CAN I PARTICIPATE? Yes please! If you have any items you would like to donate (milk jugs, cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, yarn, etc) PLEASE send it to school and drop it off in the Media Center! We will also be considering adult volunteers in this new venture.
      HOW CAN KIDS GET INVOLVED? Every class has a scheduled maker time once a month!
      WILL THE LIBRARY STILL BE A LIBRARY? Of course! We love our books and reading space! MakerSpace materials will be stored in the media center and pulled out for groups or individuals as needed--it won't take over our space. 

Does MakerSpace Connect to the Curriculum?

  • Short answer: YES! Since MakerSpace is materials to enhance ideas, teachers can use it to give students hands on experience with science concepts, math skills, and even engineering ideas.
    DID YOU KNOW? Missouri has engineering standards that students are to meet through classroom experiences? MakerSpace will teach students the design process. For more information about this process, visit http://www.eie.org/eie-curriculum/engineering-design-process 
     design process