• Assessment, Intervention, and Data

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  • Vision: Navigating a path to excellence
    Mission: Assist, support, and guide data-based decision making for our schools and community.
    Assessment, Intervention, and Data is responsible for several different areas.
    • Assessment and Accountability: Coordinating district-wide assessment, including MAP and other state required tests. Monitoring accountability for student success in accordance with MSIP (Missouri School Improvement Program).
    • Assisting leaders with the implementation of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support.
    • Collecting and providing data to administrators, staff, and the community to help with making data-based decisions.
    • Managing and submitting required data to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).
    • Managing and maintaining the district's business and human resources software and database.
  • Assessment, Intervention & Data Team

    Dave Wilson Dr. David J. Wilson, NCSP

    Director of Assessment, Intervention & Data

    Melinda Felten Melinda Felten, Ed.S.

    Assistant Director of Assessment, Intervention, & Data