• Mill Creek PTA

    Our PTA is always at work around our school. We welcome any support you can contribute! Below is a brief description of the PTA committees and the approximate time commitment associated with each. Questions? Please contact Adrienne Doebelin, 1st Vice President at by e-mail at adriennedoebelin@gmail.com.  Online form: https://forms.gle/55gEughnjFYzEfm46  


    1. BOOKFAIR – Held in Fall & Spring during parent/teacher conference weeks to promote reading in our homes & classrooms. (Nov & Feb) Approx. 2-8 hrs per book fair, depending on availability

    2. BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION – Volunteers collect, count, and bag box tops that are collected in the classrooms. This is a great committee for those that may not be able to commit a lot of time and are looking for an opportunity that will allow them to volunteer from home. (Oct & Mar) Approx. 2 hrs

    3. BUILDING/MEDIA CENTER VOLUNTEERS- Volunteer in our media center, teacher work room, or a classroom. This is a great way to stay connected to our school. (Aug-May) Anytime, these volunteers are ALWAYS needed and very much appreciated.

    4. COUGAR FUN FEST – Plans Mill Creek’s Cougar Fall Fun Fest, a carnival for Mill Creek students and their families. This is a larger time commitment , however the Fun Fest takes place in early October so the commitment is fulfilled early in the school year. (Aug-Oct) Approx. 12-??? Hours,

    5. DIRECTORY – Gathers all the information together for publishing the school directory. (Aug-Sep)

    6. DISPLAY CASES - Be creative and help change the display case in the commons for all to see. (Aug-May) Approx 1-2 hrs/month

    7. FUNDRAISER – Helps organize and distribute cookie dough in our fall cookie dough sale. (Sep-Oct) Approx 2-8 hours depending on availability.

    8. HEALTH & FITNESS - Promotes health & fitness of Mill Creek families especially with Walk to School events in October and May. (Oct & May) Approx 2-3 hours each

    9. HOSPITALITY – Helps with special functions such as grandparents/special friend day, kindergarten orientation, welcome new families, curriculum nights, etc. (Sept-April) 2-4 Hours

    10. MEMBERSHIP – Membership campaign & signing up PTA members - especially at Back-to-School and Cougar Curriculum nights. (Aug-Sept) Approx. 2-4 hours

    11. OUTDOOR CLASSROOM & GROUNDS– Helps maintain and promotes use of outdoor learning environments such as our wetlands and common areas around the building. (Aug-May) Approx. 2-12 hours, depending on availability

    12. CODY'S SNOWBALL SHOPPE - This committee opens and runs a holiday shop for all students to have the opportunity to shop for their families around the holidays. Committee members will shop, organize, and work in the shop for one week in December, assisting students with their purchasing, wrapping, and decision making. (Nov-Dec) Approx. 2-???hours, depending on availability

    13. REFLECTIONS – Helps organize and implements the national competition of the arts (fine arts, photography, music) at our school. (Fall-Winter) Approx 3-6 hours

    14. SCHOOL PICTURES – Assists photographers with organizing students. Distributes pictures to classrooms. (Picture days in Fall and Spring) Approx. 4-6 hours

    15. T-SHIRTS – Organizes t-shirt and clothing sales to promote school spirit. (Aug-Oct) Designs next year’s t-shirts in Spring. (Aug-Oct, and April-May) Approx. 6-8 hours


    Recognizes teachers and staff during the year with meals, special notes, and other activities. Also implement a very special week for all teachers and staff during National Teacher Appreciation Week in May. This is another great way to stay involved and be able to help from home. Many volunteers on this committee are simply asked to donate items for meals, snacks, and special events planned by the committee chairperson. (Aug-MAY) Approx. 3-6 hours, depending on availability.

    17. YEARBOOK –Organizes, compiles, designs, and distributes the Mill Creek yearbook. Gathers pictures from each grade and takes group pictures throughout the year. (Aug-May) Approx. 3-???, depending on availability and participation.

    18. YEAR END ACTIVITES/5TH GRADE ACTIVITIES– Sets up special activities for graduating 5th graders. Work with other 5th grade

    parents to raise funds for an unforgettable end-of-the-year party for our graduating class. This committee also plans and executes all special events for the 5th grade class. (Aug-May) Approx. 6-12 hours