• Introduction:

    At Jefferson Middle School our mantra is, “Challenging, Caring, and Stimulating.” We believe through focusing on CCS, that we create a school community where all students may be successful. We have many attributes that define Jefferson Middle School as a unique and special community of learning. Our proud tradition of excellence started in 1910 as Columbia High School. In 1927 we transformed in to Jefferson Junior High School. In 2013, we became one of Columbia Public School’s excellent middle schools.

    The proud tradition of Jefferson Middle School is steeped in CCS and a collective belief that every child can learn and have success. Success comes in many forms for our students as we strive to emphasize various aspects of learning through our liberal arts curriculum. Jefferson Middle School is a school community that is highly integrated and diverse. As the proud location for the district emersion center for English Language Learners, we have students representing varying countries from around the world annually. We believe our unique community provides our students excellent opportunities for CCS and a social understanding of the greater world in which we live.  

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     Our consistent and intentional focus on proven instructional strategies and a positive school climate continues to make Jefferson Middle School an excellent home of learning. We have a comprehensive focus on literacy throughout our curriculum that effectively prepares students for the rigors of high school and beyond. Our students participate in extensive extracurricular activities that enhance and expand learning beyond the traditional classroom setting. Activities ranging from athletics, competitive science and math clubs, robotics, arts, drama, and many others expand our students learning opportunities. Our partnerships with Columbia College, the United Methodist Church, and Boone Hospital, provide opportunities for our students to have regular access to college level curriculum and instruction, real world employment exposure, and student assistance.




    Over the past three years Jefferson Middle School has implemented a comprehensive literacy program. The literacy program is extensive including AVID strategies, literacy strategies, and reading integration. Through these efforts we have seen a jump of over 15% in proficiency for each year a child is in our school. We continue to cultivate a community steeped in positive behavior support. As such, we have seen a significant decline in inappropriate behaviors by students collectively. Students are making good choices, remaining in classes, and coming to school consistently.


    Areas of Growth:


    As we continue to foster our, “Challenging, Caring, and Stimulating,” environment mantra, we look to the next chapter of growth for Jefferson Middle School as a STEAM school. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It is our goal to become a fully integrated STEAM school in the next five years. The process for integrating STEAM fully in to our curriculum will be an extensive and collective effort requiring the assistance of our school community and partners in education. We will establish steps for integration, processes for monitoring progress, and begin implementation this school year.


    Vision Connection:


    It the vision of Columbia Public Schools to be the best school district in our state. In order to achieve that vision, at Jefferson Middle School we strive to provide a challenging, caring, and stimulating environment where children will achieve their fullest potential. We believe a school community that provides this type of school environment will create the greatest opportunity for our students to succeed academically, technologically, and socially.


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