• Additional Staff:


    Shepard Stallions



    Office Staff--Judy Kridel, Donna Bear, Laurie Holt, and Noel McDonald
    Learning Specialists--Angie Herbold, Valerie Kurowski, Amy Jolly, Kim Cornelius, Jared Belden,
    Sigourney Logan, and Lisa Hamilton

    Specialists-- Sharon Salmons--Media Specialist, Teresa Matheny--Library Clerk;
    Laurie Caudle and Terri Baker--Counselors


    Paras: Angie Chong, Michelle Lancaster, Sydney Marsdan, & Ana Miller

    Shepard Aides: Aimee Lockett, Nicole King, Don Patterson, Tarus Moore,  & Emily Spradling
    Custodial Staff:  Ms. Michelle, Jamario Dixon, Nate Palmer, and Antonio Cortes
    Kitchen Staff-"Ms. Patty," "Ms. Annie," "Ms. Crystal,"  and "Ms.Donna."


    SYOSP (Student Teachers)- Lauren Maurutto, Marissa Mabry, Katie Mobley, and Maggie Taylor