Legislative Priorities

Columbia Board of Education Legislative Priorities School Board Governance and Operations
We support:
  • Local authority for decision making regarding school calendar, open enrollment, class size 
Finance and Funding
We support:
  • Full funding of the foundation formula; maintain integrity of current foundation formula; non-negotiable and with no further downward changes to adequacy targets
  • Summer school funding
  • Full funding for transportation; allow local school districts and their communities to cooperate on bus systems
  • Full funding of mandates at federal (ESSA, IDEA, McKinney-Vento, Title I) and state levels (such as dyslexia screening)
  • Legislation to enhance federal and state funding, such as cigarette tax, Internet sales tax
  • Simple majority for passage of bond issues
  • Continued review of effectiveness of tax credits
We oppose:
  • Any legislation that diverts or reduces revenue from the public schools
  • Diverting state funds from public schools by any means, including tuition tax credits/vouchers
  • Redirecting resources from public schools to unproven, for-profit charter schools until the charter reforms passed in 2012 are implemented and proven effective
Curriculum and Instruction
We support:
  • Local control of all aspects of our schools, including curricular decisions
  • Less emphasis on state-mandated standardized tests
  • Work to address the impending teacher shortage
  • Visiting scholars certificate of license to teach (HB97) 
We support:
  • Legislation that allows districts to establish their own teacher/administrator evaluation model
  • Continuation of equitable funding of professional development to improve personnel effectiveness
  • Legislation that indemnifies school boards from lawsuits
School, Community, and Family Relations
We support:
  • Funding for quality, voluntary pre-kindergarten education
  • Funding for career and technical education and career development programs
  • Revising HB1583
  • Continuation of the current independence, structure, and governance of the Missouri State High School Activities Association