About the Lee ASB  


    The ASB proposal was originally drafted by the Autonomous School (AS) Committee, comprising teachers, parents of Lee Expressive Arts students, and one Partner in Education. This committee was formed in May 2011, after an enthusiastic response from Lee Expressive Arts parents, teachers, and administration to the Assistant Superintendent’s suggestion that Lee Expressive Arts might become an Autonomous School. During the next several months, its members met for 2 to 4 hours per month to discuss its vision for the school. In addition, the Committee’s members have spent countless individual hours gathering information. In October, 2011, the AS Committee held an additional five hour weekend workshop. Once the AS Committee began drafting this proposal in November, members divided into several subcommittees and began meeting more frequently. The initial process of researching and brainstorming was carried out in close consultation with the school Principal and the CPS Assistant Superintendent. The Committee has obtained additional information and perspectives through meetings with the CPS Superintendent, the CPS Chief Financial Officer, the Lee Expressive Arts PTA, Open Houses with parents, questionnaires distributed to parents and teachers, and a World Cafe.
    Currently, the ASB meets the 3rd Thursday of the month. The meetings are open to the public and the agenda is posted on this website before each meeting. Public comments are welcome at the meeting, but if you cannot attend, you can contact the ASB.