• Midway Heights Elementary School is a partnership of staff, parents, students and community with the following vision and collective commitments…

    Midway students will grow as independent learners with the skills to make safe and healthy choices.  They will have the confidence to be successful emotionally, socially, and academically.

    Midway staff will be supportive, collaborative, enthusiastic team members dedicated to the learning of all students.

    • We will adhere to norms and focus on the 4 key questions during all collaboration.

    1.    What do we want students to know?

    2.   How will we know that they are learning?

    3.   How do we respond when they don’t learn?

    4.   How will we respond when they already know it?

    • We will reflect annually to increase the effectiveness of our collaboration.
    •   We will engage in meaningful job-embedded staff development to enhance professional skills.
    •   We will intentionally collaborate with our grade level partners beyond out data team meetings. 

    Midway’s principal will keep students’ best interests at heart, trust teachers, and create a safe, caring environment for all.  

    Discipline issues will be handled consistently, efficiently and appropriately.
    • We will teach and model the Keys to Success and encourage student to make positive choices.  We will teach students they are responsible for their choices and those choices have consequences.
    • We will create and follow a process that provides consistency in procedures, streamlines paperwork, and facilitates communication.

    Midway educators will promote the academic, social, and emotional success of all students within a safe, nurturing environment.  

    Midway teachers will use developmentally appropriate practices to promote high learner engagement and build confident learners.  The most important criterion for measuring success will be individual student growth.
    • We will use district curriculum and student growth data to guide daily instruction and small group learning activities.
    • We will hold ourselves accountable for best practices and research-based instructional strategies.
    • We will closely monitor the academic progress of each student and provide additional learning opportunities as appropriate.
    • We will maintain high expectations for student success.

    Midway will be a place that welcomes family and community members in the educational process.  

    When students transition from Midway, they will be prepared to make positive choices that will be personally rewarding and purposeful.
    • We will create an environment that welcomes family and community members in the educational process.
    • We will be proactive to collaborate with and involve parents in the education of their children by communicating student progress and providing a support system for students.