Congratulations! You got the job! As the new Public Relations Director for the state of Missouri, the governor wants you to encourage people to move to Missouri. You need to create an advertising campaign that shows off the finer points of the state.
    For your advertising campaign, you will be responsible for writing and shooting a television commercial that makes people want to move to one of five areas in Missouri.
    You will belong to a group researching one of five areas in Missouri.
    • Northwest
    • Northeast
    • Southeast
    • Southwest 
    • Central
    Each group will have three experts responsible for writing different parts of the commercial.
    Geography Expert: The geography expert will research the climate, town and city size, and airports of the area.
    Business Expert: The business expert will research the cost of living, employment opportunities, schools, and real estate in the area.
    Culture Expert: The culture expert will research the activities available in the area, as well as food and history.
    It is up to you to decide which person will be which expert. Each expert will decide what information they find belongs in the commercial. They will also find pictures that belong in the commercial. The whole group will write the commercial script.  
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