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    Me and Chew

    hc stell



    I'm excited to start my 14th year of teaching and creation as a Jaguar! I love getting to see the big ideas and amazing things artists create in Studio 165. I'm always proud to be a part of it and this year more than ever we have the chance to innovate and problem solve creatively. 
     When I'm not in Studio 165 I'm in my personal studio or running around with Mr. Carter and our two wiener dogs Chewbacca and Stella. Mr. Carter and I met when he was a teacher at Gentry and are the reigning Homecoming King and Queen.
    I love to travel, read, run, and watch Cardinal's baseball. I have a bachelor's degree in fine arts and education, minor in art history, and master's degree in visual arts education. I can't wait to learn more with my artists this year. 
    Phone: 573-214-3240