• After School Math & Reading Tutoring
    A Way With Words & Numbers (AWWWN) tutors are undergraduate students at the University of Missouri. They are trained and supervised by graduate students from the university to tutor elementary school age students in math and reading.


    AWWWN focuses on personalizing your child’s tutoring in order to maximize the effectiveness of the sessions. We take the time to identify the type of skills that your child needs to enhance and we match them with targeted supports.


    Energetic AWWWN tutors work one-on-one with students in grades K-7 to provide your child personalized and engaging tutoring sessions. Your student will connect with supportive and skilled mentors who will share feedback and motivate your young learner. Our program also prioritizes the importance of collaboration with families and will share information regularly so you can be fully involved in your child’s learning process.


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