•  Equity

    Equity Department

    The Equity Department aims to ensure that Columbia Public Schools is an educational and working environment unimpeded by bias or discrimination, where scholars and staff of all backgrounds and experiences are welcomed, included, encouraged, and can succeed and flourish. 

    Columbia Public Schools Board of Education Equity Statement

    "Columbia Public Schools, through action and in partnership with families and the community, will uphold the values, policies, and practices that promote cultural competence.  We will accept, embrace, and empower students and staff in their individual identities to establish and sustain human dignity, justice, equitable treatment, and inclusiveness in the classroom and workplace."

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  • Registrar

    District Registrar

    The Columbia Public Schools District Registrar provides registration services for incoming students and their parents, manages student records, and interfaces with various governmental agencies to provide services to students. 


  • MAC

    MAC Scholars

    The Multicultural Achievement Committee (MAC) program is a holistic collaborative, educational support function of Columbia Public Schools.  The MAC program is designed to provide students with the necessary skills and support they need to achieve success academically, emotionally, and socially.

  • SSP

    Student Support Services

    The Student Support Services office of Columbia Public Schools works with students, administrators, teachers, and families to help students find success, both academically and behaviorally in their home school setting.

  • ELL

    English Learners and Migrant Services

    The mission of the Columbia Public Schools English Learners (EL) program is to provide effective and age-appropriate English language instruction (listening, speaking, reading and writing), and to support English Language Learners to achieve in all content areas, grades K - 12.

  • SPED2

    Special Services

    The Columbia Public Schools Special Services department provides staff, resources, and supports throughout the district depending on the needs of students in each building.

  • HSC

    Home School Communicators

    The Home School Communicator is a "liaison" between families and school regarding the needs of the child.  They are active in ensuring all children are receiving the proper support to improve their educational experience.



    Student Services

    The Student Services Department focuses on areas of students in transition, discipline and supporting opportunities for success.


    Equity Department
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