CPS Families Portal Frequently Asked Questions

  • CPS Families Portal Frequently Asked Questions


    1. I’ve seen “ClassLink” when I’m in the Portal. Is it CPS Families Portal or ClassLink?
      • It is CPS Families Portal (Powered by ClassLink). The CPS Families Portal is administered by Columbia Public Schools, and the instructional resources are vetted by our Curriculum and Instruction Department.  The underlying cloud-based software is provided by ClassLink, though. 


    1. How do I log in to the CPS Families Portal?
      • You will use your 4 to 6-digit Guardian ID and the password you were emailed (or the password you changed it to after first logging in). If you had a previous Home Access Center username and password it will not work.  If you do not know your Guardian ID and/or password contact your child's school Secretary. CPS Family Portal login instructions


    1. Can I use the CPS Families Portal to change my password?


    1. How is it determined which applications are in the CPS Portal / CPS Families Portal library?
      • Coordinators from the Curriculum and Instruction Department review the instructional purpose of any application that is requested to be added to the CPS Families Portal library. The Coordinators of Media Specialists or Instructional Technology may help with the review as well.  If it is instructional relevant, the application is then reviewed by the Technology Services Department to ensure it complies with our data management and security policies.  Once fully vetted, the application is then added for the appropriate student, staff, and family groups. 


    1. The CPS Families Portal has asked me to install a ClassLink OneClick Extension. Do I need to do this?
      • It is recommended that you install the ClassLink OneClick Extension if prompted by your web browser. This extension allows easier access to certain applications when they are accessed through the CPS Families Portal – you will only have to type in your username and password one time and the extension will remember it from there on out!  The ClassLink OneClick Extension also enables single-sign-on (SSO). 
      • Some browsers, such as Safari Mobile, do not support the ClassLink OneClick Extension. In the case of an iPhone or iPad, we recommend you use the CPS Families Portal app (see question 16 below). 
      • NOTE: Schoology is one of the apps that require the ClassLink OneClick Extension.  Without the extension, the CPS Families Portal cannot automatically log you in. 


    1. Why do some apps still require me to type in a username and password?
      • Nutrikids (MySchoolBucks) still requires you to remember to enter your login credentials. However, if the ClassLink OneClick Extension is installed, for those that already have accounts and click on it, they should only have to type it in once and have it saved.  If a guardian does not have an account, they will have to set up an account at that time. 


    1. Can multiple people in my household use the CPS Families Portal / CPS Portal from the same computer?
      • We recommend that if guardians, staff, or students share a computer, they use separate Windows / macOS profiles on that computer. This will prevent caching issues which can cause problems with accessing apps from the Portal (Schoology, for instance).  If guardians, staff, or students do not have separate Windows / Mac profiles, we recommend that each fully logs out of apps and Portal before another member of the household attempts to access the CPS Families Portal / CPS Portal.  Another option is to have each member use a different browser type (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc.). 


    1. Can I sort the icons in a way that makes sense to me?
      • To sort the icons, simply right-click on some blank space once logged into the CPS Families Portal and choose Sort By.  You can also select Edit Mode for more ways to customize the layout of your particular CPS Families Portal. 
      • NOTE: If a folder has a lock on it, it is centrally managed and cannot be adjusted.  If you want to create a new folder in Edit Mode, you can move one item onto another.  You will need to hold it there until you see New Folder pop up as an option.  You can also select the New Folder option while in Edit Mode. 


    1. What if I forgot my password and have not set up password recovery?
      • If you forgot your password and have not already setup password recovery, please contact your child's school.


    1. Should I single or double-click when I’m moving about in the CPS Families Portal?
      • When in the CPS Families Portal, you only need to single click an icon to access an application (as indicated by the finger pointer mouse cursor).  If an icon is double-clicked, the application will either not open or two windows will open for the application. 


    1. How long will the CPS Families Portal stay logged in when I’m not actively using it?
      • The CPS Families Portal will stay logged in, without you actively using that browser tab, for 2 hours. After that, you will be logged out and forced to log back in again.  Any applications you opened from CPS Portal may have different time-out policies depending on the application. 


    1. I work for the district and I’m also a guardian. Will I access CPS digital resources for my student through the CPS Portal?
      • Guardians will access CPS digital resources for their students through the CPS Families Portal, found at cpsfamilies.org 
      • NOTE: You will need to log out of your CPS Portal to log into your CPS Families Portal, and vice versa.  You can only be logged into one Portal at a time (unless you run two separate web browsers or use multiple Chrome sign-ins. 


    1. Why do I use a Guardian ID instead of a username to log in?
      • We use a Guardian ID to keep access to the family portal as secure as possible. A Guardian ID also ensures that each guardian has an identifier that is unique to them.  Guardian IDs are more secure than using the name, email address, or some other easily identifiable username.


    1. Who should I contact if I have questions about what I see when I log in to the CPS Families Portal?
      • If you have questions about what you see in the CPS Families Portal, please check with your student’s school. They can determine what applications you should have access to. 


    1. My school just updated my email address and ensured I was set up for CPS Families Portal access. When will I receive emails with my initial username and password?
      • You will receive emails containing your username and password within 2 hours of your school setting up your access for the CPS Families Portal.


    1. Is there a CPS Families Portal app?
      • Yes, the ClassLink App for Families is now available. It can be found in the Google Play and Apple App Store.  The app is called ClassLink Launchpad.  Once installed, guardians will need to choose Columbia Public School for Families.  The app opens a full version (not mobile version) of the websites -- Schoology, Parentlink, etc.  Single-Sign-On for the apps we currently have it turned on for should work, though.