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  • This is my 4th year teaching 8th grade science at Gentry, and my 7th year teaching overall. I have also taught at Rock Bridge, Moberly, and a school in South Carolina. All of my previous experience was at the high school level in either Biology or World Studies. I am actually certified to teach K-6, 5-12 social studies, 5-12 science/biology, 5-12 english, and special education. I have many options, but I have found my place teaching science in the middle school setting!

    I host Gentry's Advanced Gaming Club. It has mostly become a D&D club, but students also play Pokemon the Card Game this year. I let the students dictate what we do in general and it became heavily D&D focused, but you are welcome to join and try to get other games played within the group. Join us on Tuesdays from 2:40-4:00 in room 106. 

     I have two children - Kamden (8) and Maxwell (4.5). I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences and a minor in Wildlife Science. I love science and animals! I also love heroes. I have a large collection of comics and Funko Pop figures in my classroom. I like to be laid back, but also real with my students. I like to have a calm environment in my classroom, so the overhead lights are off and several lamps are on instead. I want students to feel safe and relaxed in my classroom and if you don't feel that way, please tell me and we can work on making it that way!



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