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       Email: NUwase@cpsk12.org 
       Phone: 573-214-3300 ex: 38825

    Making crepes with French 3 students.

    Making crepes




    I am thrilled to join the Spartan family this academic year. My name is Nadège Uwase (preferred name is Nadège or Ms. N.) I love learning languages and I speak Kinyarwanda, French, and English. I am currently learning Spanish and Russian. I grew up in Columbia, MO.

    As a CPS kid, I went to Smithton Middle School, West Junior High School, and graduated from Rock Bridge High School. I went to the University of Missouri - Columbia and my undergraduate degree is in Political Science with a minor in French. In graduate school, my degree is in Language Teaching with an emphasis on French. When I am not teaching, I enjoy traveling and gardening.

    In my classroom, I pay close attention to students’ changing needs as they progress to learn the greater complexities of the language. I know that students learn the same content in different ways and at different rates. Thus, I explain intricate concepts and chunk them into easily digestible bits of information for students to understand.

    Additionally, I give students ample opportunities to apply what they learn with plenty of patience. Lessons are taught in French for students to practice the language frequently, unrehearsed, and in a safe space. Furthermore, I encourage students to enhance learning by practicing in and outside the classroom and support students’ efforts to build a community of French speakers perhaps with an after-school program or involving community members. We are planning to start a Francophone Club, stay tuned for more information.


    Grades: I use Schoology to keep students and parents informed. The 'updates' tab has reminders and their grades will often have notes.

    Classroom activities: I enjoy bragging on my students. Join the conversation!

    Questions: Send me an email NUwase@cpsk12.org.



    Nadège Uwase