• Welcome to Dr. Karen King's page!
    Hi! I'm teaching AP Physics C (calculus-based), AP Physics 1 (algebra-based), and Honors Physics 9 for the 2021-2022 school year. I also facilitate the Girls Who Code club at Rock Bridge High School.

    Karen King

    Contact Information:
    Email: kking@cpsk12.org
    Phone: 573-214-3100

    Activities: Hiking, running, biking, skiing, reading, spending time with family and friends, cooking with made up recipes, doing STEM "backyard" experiments and projects

    Favorite CoMo things: Uprise Bakery, True/false film fest, McBaine Big Bur Oak, Rock Bridge State Park, Fretboard coffee

    Favorite other places: Coast of Maine, Rocky Mountains, snow-covered hills in Minnesota, clear spring-fed rivers in Missouri, any great coffee shop

    Favorite YouTube channels: Mark Rober, Physics Girl, How to Cook That

    Syllabi for courses:
    9th grade honors
    AP Physics C
    AP Physics 1 



    If you're scientifically literate, then the world looks very different to you, and that understanding empowers you.
    --Neil DeGrasse Tyson